BeyondID is an Okta Apex Partner

In Spring 2023, Okta introduced Elevate: the new and improved partner program governing Okta’s ecosystem.

Where the original Solution Provider Program measured revenue alone, Elevate seeks to reward partners who create value for customers through “the motions that matter”. Okta Elevate defines four tiers of partnership: Activate, Amplify, Ascend, and Apex. Their vision: to foster well-rounded relationships with partners grounded in customer focus.  

So where does that leave us? BeyondID is a proud Okta Apex Partner!  

Belonging to the highest tier of Okta Elevate is a testament not only to the success of our long-standing partnership with Okta, but to the success of our Raving Fan philosophy. As a Global Diamond Partner, BeyondID was recognized as Okta’s most skilled partner. Now, our Apex partnership shines new light on the stellar customer service that has made BeyondID Okta’s most trusted partner.   

What’s next? BeyondID is continuing to deliver excellent identity solutions with Apex-level service in industries across the board. Take, for example, some of the incredible work we’re doing with trailblazing providers like Memorial Hermann in the healthcare sector.  

Erin Moore
Erin Moore

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