SMS Gateway for Okta

A Complete Solution for Okta Customers Who Need to Continue Offering SMS

BeyondID SMS Gateway

SMS for Okta Customers Who Need to BYOT (Bring Their Own Telco)

Okta customers using SMS to send one-time passcodes (OTP) recently learned that service will no longer be provided by the identity management provider.

BeyondID has partnered with Vonage, part of Ericsson, to offer Okta Identity Engine and Okta Classic customers a complete SMS solution that picks up where Okta leaves off. 

This flexible solution meets the needs of every organization – whether you have 40 employees or 5,000 franchisees. BeyondID will be there with you from setup to day-to-day management and ongoing support. 

Do you need a solution for the consumer side of the house as well?  We do that too.

Let’s talk. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and get started.

Triple Team BYOT Coverage

BeyondID offers BYOT services and solutions for workforce and customer identity. Whether you simply need professional services to help get you going, or a full managed solution that includes licensing and support, BeyondID is here to help. 

BeyondID SMS Gateway, powered by Vonage is currently offered in three tiers to best meet the needs of today’s customer.  Should your requirements necessitate a custom solution, please contact us to get started on your SMS Digital Identity Blueprint. 

BeyondID SMS Tiers

  • SMS Gateway – an all-in-one solution managed and supported by BeyondID, perfect for SMB and Mid-Size organizations. This is the best option for those customers who need to bring their own provider, but do not have the time nor resources to manage additional authentication methods within their current platform. 

  • SMS API for Workforce – intended for international enterprise organizations with the need for higher volume and localized telephone numbers, hosted on AWS

  • SMS API for Consumer – custom solution based on your customer volume, daily average users, session details and load balancing requirements.
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Multiple Authentication Options


What is Okta changing about its SMS services?

Okta recently announced that they will no longer offer SMS authentication within the Okta Identity Engine or Classic Manager platforms. All renewals as of September 15, 2024 must bring their own Telco provider (BYOT) in order to continue providing their users with SMS as an authentication option.
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How do I find my SMS volume in Okta?

This information can be found in your Okta admin portal. If you need any help at all, please contact us today.
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How is BeyondID SMS Gateway priced?

Pricing is based on SMS volume and the level of managed services and support you require. All packages include a one-time setup fee to get your service connected to Okta, tested and up and running.