Higher Education

Modern students aren’t impressed by Windows 95.​

Students are consumers too; in the digital age, a sub-par student experience will be in stark contrast to the customer experience they’ll encounter in every other industry. 

Educational institutions need to commit to modernizing their digital capabilities now to attract and retain young “consumers”. Universities reluctant to invest in solution longevity are putting their reputation as a modern educational institution on the line. 

The Secure Total Experience

Higher education presents challenges for security and IT professionals that are different from the traditional corporate setting; varied roles require managing access to a broader spectrum of resources that range from academic databases and research materials to student records and administrative systems. 

As classes come and go, academic institutions demand more agile identity solutions. Additionally, modern students want seamless access to information at any time, from any location, and on any device; this is precisely what our Secure Total Experience strategy delivers.

Educational institutions experienced a staggering 2,507 breach attempts per college or university per week in 2023.*

Discover our Digital Identity Blueprint for Higher Education.

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*Educause, 2023