Losing Your Patients?

Data security and patient experience represent two of healthcare’s most critical pain points. Modern patients value experience highly when choosing a healthcare provider, and with >160,000 patients affected by data breaches each day, the healthcare industry represents a top target for cybercriminals.

To succeed, healthcare organizations need to be able to provide patients with secure access to their healthcare tools and information whenever, wherever, and on any device. BeyondID’s Digital Front Door strategy can help.

The Digital Front Door (DFD)

The Digital Front Door (DFD) is our Okta-enabled identity solution for healthcare organizations. Whether for patients, healthcare professionals, administration, partners or machines (IoT), the strategy places digital users at the center of their available healthcare touchpoints with a single point of access for a secure, frictionless digital experience. 

$10.93M is the average cost of a healthcare breach.

Let's break down the digital front door.


Anytime, anywhere access to healthcare tools and resources equips patients to conduct symptom research, schedule telehealth and office visits, view test results, and more.

Healthcare Professionals

The Digital Front Door enables healthcare professionals to more seamlessly analyze patient data, make informed diagnoses, expertly develop treatment plans, and stay connected to patients post-treatment.


Digital Front Door transformation streamlines and secures clinical, administrative, security and IT operations, and more.


Improve inventory visibility and advance data management capabilities. 

Internet of Things (IoT)

Enable remote patient monitoring (RPM) for seamless, reliable connectivity for patients who rely on glucose monitoring, heart-rate monitoring, Parkinson’s disease monitoring, and more.

Discover our Digital Identity Blueprint for Healthcare.

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