Healthcare organizations remain one of the most highly targeted industries for cyberattacks. The frequency and sophistication of these attacks continues to grow, costing the industry $21 billion last year, including downtime, ransoms paid, lost revenue, data recovery and patient health.

Secure Healthcare Information Management

A variety of factors are driving healthcare organizations to reduce their cyber risks and help them implement digital strategies. The pandemic created new challenges in healthcare and accelerated the digital transformation required to manage patients, their workforce and vendors.

Patients not only want their data to be protected – social security numbers, patient records, insurance policy information, and credit card numbers – they expect a quality user experience. Healthcare workers want access to patient information when and where they need it, and on a variety of digital devices.

Identity Access Management solutions are more than just measures to prevent cyberattacks. They are also fundamental in driving new healthcare opportunities such as:

  • Improving access points for the workforce
  • Delivering a better overall patient experience
  • Reducing operating costs
  • Maintaining compliance
  • Becoming more agile and scalable

BeyondID Customer Inception Health

BeyondID helps healthcare organizations modernize their identity and deliver on their digital strategies through discovery, migration, integration and management. Our suite of Epic connectors bring seamless, secure integration to Okta, providing a secure digital front gate. We help ensure safe access through Multi Factor Authentication (MFA), single sign-on (SSO) and automating provisioning and deprovisioning for productivity and compliance.

You can prepare your organization for the constantly changing risk landscape in healthcare by enlisting BeyondID to help assess your current state of identity readiness and digital migration. Share some information below and we’ll send you an Epic + Okta overview to show how this integration works and how your organization can begin modernizing its identity.  

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