6 Benefits of the Okta Identity Engine

As one of the leading Identity as a Service (IDaaS) providers, Okta has served many customers from various industries, including Retail, Finance, FinTech, Healthcare, non-profit, government and more. In both workforce and customer identity use cases, the primary goal of the IDaaS provider has been to provide an extensible, scalable and customizable solution that can fit into any Identity use cases these customers bring.  

From our personal experience, each customer we touch is unique in some aspect. They have specific branding, authentication and authorization, recovery and user experience requirements. Okta Classic provides a predefined identity management solution for these needs, but some complex conditions require custom implementations to deviate from the product-defined solutions to achieve use cases. Okta Identify Engine (OIE) is the next generation Okta Identity Cloud designed and engineered to support all identity use cases.  

Okta aims to provide flexibility to quickly implement and customize each step during the sign-in and signup processes. OIE offers more control with the rich user, device and application context at each step in the identification process. With OIE, the user journey can be aligned with industry best practices, business requirements and seamless User Experience.


The Top Benefits of Okta Identify Engine (OIE)  

App Level Policies and App Context 

Application-specific policies make it possible to define security requirements at the application level and evaluate access every time an app is accessed in Okta. It is possible to require a stronger factor for business-critical applications and define separate re-authentication frequencies per factor. These policies are now sharable, making policy management easier when the number of apps grows.  

The app context available with OIE makes app-level branding possible with the policies configurable at the Okta admin console. The app-specific user experience remains consistent across the authentication and notification workflows.  

Passwordless Authentication 

The passwordless authentication feature allows verification of user identity without a password. In OIE, a Password is now an authenticator, not a requirement for user creation. This feature will enable users to authenticate using secure alternatives and avoid creating complex passwords that are less secure and easy to forget. OIE offers Email Magic Link for single click and seamless access to consumer applications. A stronger authenticator like Okta Verify Push is possible when more security is needed. 

Device Context 2.0 and FastPass  

The device registration in OIE has been simplified and requires just installing the Okta Verify app (currently supported in macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android). The registered device is visible in Okta Universal Directory and is easily manageable. Device Context 2.0 allows Okta to collect device signals from Endpoint security services (CrowdStrike and Microsoft Windows Security Center).  

Device Context 2.0 unlocks Okta FastPass for passwordless authentication from the registered devices without any external directory or services. 

Progressive Profiling 

The out-of-the-box user registration process is simplified with OIE allowing a minimal approach and progressively gathering information from the user with future logins. Progressive profiling in OIE is a practical feature for improving user retention and conversion rates from an anonymous user to an identity. 

Flexible Account Recovery 

The flexible account recovery allows end-users to leverage stronger authenticator Okta Verify Push for a self-service password reset and account unlock. This OIE feature also supports the configuration of an additional MFA factor verification during the recovery process.  

Captcha Integration 

OIE supports reCAPTCHA and hCAPTCHA integration for authentication, self-service recovery and signup flows. Captcha Integration in OIE is simple and it adds a security check to prevent spam, fake registrations and denial of service (DoS) attacks. 

BeyondID is an Okta Diamond Partner

BeyondID has earned Okta’s Platinum Level of Partnership as a Diamond Partner with the highest number of certified Okta experts outside Okta. We consistently deliver successful Okta implementations for thousands of customers.  Contact our Okta Identity management consultants for discovery, migration, implementation and administration assistance on Okta Identity Engine (OIE).  

Najar Aryal
Najar Aryal

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