Workforce Identity

Empower your workforce to be the best version of itself.

Workforce identity is how organizations authorize and authenticate those who have internal access to data and systems. 

Workforce IAM focuses on balancing a high degree of security with a seamless digital user experience, and as its name suggests, taking an identity-first approach is the key to success.

Workforce Identity Cloud (WIC)

BeyondID offers Workforce Identity Cloud (WIC) in partnership with Okta. This solution is designed to protect organizations against the threat of internal data breaches while providing workforce members with the access they need to be productive and provide excellent customer experiences.

WIC empowers everyone in your organization — employees, contractors, partners, and beyond — to work easily and safely anytime, anywhere, and on any device. 

Your business, but better.

Remote Access

Securing the identities of a hybrid/remote workforce is quick and easy with WIC. Now, remote workers can access the internal data, applications, and resources they require using any device, from any location, at any time.

Frictionless Workflows

With one identity for login, seamless access across the system is ensured. With WIC, users have the access they need to be more efficient and productive without posing a threat to security.

Cost Savings

Automated and easily scalable single identity login reduces IT costs, allowing businesses to focus their resources on bigger initiatives.

Improved Business Agility

WIC is easily adoptable for users. Features like User Lifecycle Management, low and no-code automation with Okta Workflows, and unified IAG drive efficiencies across your business.

Better Partner Engagement

WIC reduces IT complexities that arise from partnership expansion and collaboration. This solution provides access to right data at the right time, while always keeping partner identities secure.

The Peloton of Workforce IAM

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