We make digital processes work for you, not against you.

Your business processes should culminate in a Secure Total Experience: improved security, cost-savings, better automation, and a great user experience. But for many modern businesses, this couldn’t be further from reality. BeyondID can help. 

Our identity professionals are experts in understanding the complexities of many different technologies working in conjunction. We provide integration solutions to transform the way your technologies interact for a cohesive digital environment that works for you, not against you.  

Integrations for a cohesive user experience.

BeyondID’s Identity-First Zero Trust approach puts identity at the forefront of your integration strategy to ensure your business is protected by a stronger identity perimeter right away (often within a week) as your long-term identity strategy takes shape.  

A well-integrated environment yields cost-savings, improved user experience, and a significantly reduced threat of security risks resulting from human error. When you enlist BeyondID as a partner, you can expect fully integrated, automated processes that unlock the full potential of your systems. 

Application Integration Gateway (AIG)

BeyondID’s  Application Integration Gateway (AIG) is one tool we use in our integration strategy. AIG enables authentication or migration of user credentials and profiles to Okta Universal Directory; this ensures quick and easy migration and authentication while enforcing consistent policies and providing enriched identity profiles.  

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