Everything you need to know about Okta Identity engine (OIE)

Okta is an identity-powered user management platform that specializes in customer and workforce identity use cases. The leading identity platform provider marries user experience and cybersecurity to transform digital identities across industries.  

Okta Identity Engine v. Okta Classic Engine  

Okta Identity Engine (OIE) is the next generation of Okta Classic Engine: Okta’s original identity platform designed to deliver secure, scalable, and easy-to-use identity management solutions for any app. What’s new? More opportunities to build custom implementations, and more flexibility to support every use case. These changes manifest themselves in improved user experiences and security outcomes. Sign us up.  

Upgraded Features 

App Level Policies. App-specific policies make it possible to define security requirements at the application level and evaluate access every time an app is accessed in Okta. It is possible to require a stronger factor for business-critical applications and define separate re-authentication frequencies per factor. These policies are now sharable, making policy management easier when the number of apps grows.   

App Context. The app context available with OIE makes app-level branding possible with the policies configurable at the Okta admin console. The app-specific user experience remains consistent across the authentication and notification workflows.   

Passwordless Authentication. Forget your password. Seriously. Passwordless authentication is exactly what it sounds like: verification of user identity without a password. This feature enables users to authenticate using secure password-alternatives, and passwords are not required for user creation. OIE offers Email Magic Link for seamless access to consumer applications. Stronger authenticators like Okta Verify Push are available when more security is needed; these methods are also sans-password.  

FastPass. Device Context 2.0 unlocks Okta FastPass for passwordless authentication from the registered devices without any external directory or services.  

Device Context 2.0 and FastPass. The device registration in OIE has been simplified, only requiring Okta Verify app download.  The registered device is visible in Okta Universal Directory and is easily manageable. Device Context 2.0 allows Okta to collect device signals from Endpoint security services (CrowdStrike and Microsoft Windows Security Center).   

Progressive Profiling. OIE registration allows minimal input, and instead, collects user information from the user with future logins and sessions. Progressive profiling in OIE is a practical feature for improving user retention and conversion rates from an anonymous user to an identity.  

Flexible Account Recovery. Flexible account recovery allows end-users to leverage Okta Verify Push for a self-service password reset and account unlock. This OIE feature also supports the configuration of an additional MFA factor verification during the recovery process.   

Captcha Integration. OIE supports reCAPTCHA and hCAPTCHA integration for authentication, self-service recovery, and signup flows. Captcha Integration in OIE is simple and adds a security check to prevent spam, fake registrations and denial of service (DoS) attacks.  

Getting Started 

If you already own Okta Classic Engine, there is no additional license cost to have access to the new OIE feature set. That being said, you’ll likely need to invest in upgrade assistance. Here’s how you can get started: 

  • Talk to your Okta representative to identify the complexity of your instance. To save time, money, and resources, we recommend enlisting the help of an expert. 
  • Deploy new OIE feature sets with BeyondID. We’re an Okta Apex Partner, Okta’s most trusted OIE implementation partner, and have successfully migrated dozens of customers. 
  • For simple migrations, you can use our self-service OIE migration tool; It’s quick, easy, and you’ll receive full support from BeyondID’s Service Management team.  

BeyondID is an Okta Apex Partner 

Belonging to the highest tier of Okta Elevate is a testament not only to the success of our long-standing partnership with Okta, but to the success of our Raving Fan philosophy. As a Global Diamond Partner and Delivery Partner of the Year in the Americas, BeyondID was recognized as Okta’s most skilled partner. Now, our Apex partnership shines new light on the stellar customer service that has made BeyondID Okta’s most trusted partner.   

Contact your Okta or BeyondID representative today to learn more about your OIE upgrade.  

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