Breaking Down Workforce Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Workforce Identity and Access Management (IAM) describes the internal application of IAM capabilities, such that employees, contractors, and other internal users have secure, seamless access to organizational resources. With workforce IAM cyber security solutions, organizations are protected against the threat of internal data breaches while workforce members move confidently through the system within the boundaries of the principle of least privilege (PoLP). Following the PoLP, users are allowed access to the information within a system relevant to their unique responsibilities, and nothing more.

A standard workforce IAM implementation may include:

  • Privileged access management (PAM)
  • Identity governance
  • Workflows
  • Lifecycle management
  • Universal directory
  • Fastpass
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • Single sign-on (SSO)

Who needs workforce IAM?

Where identity is central to security and data management, investing in workforce IAM is a necessary step for any organization hoping to protect itself against data breaches and other internal security threats. Whether managing a staff of two or 200, workforce identity solutions are an important part of securing and streamlining access for internal users.

The healthcare industry provides a good example of workforce IAM in action. With patients, healthcare professionals, providers, and partners among the many identities in play within a healthcare organization’s internal system, access is never one-size-fits-all. Additionally, the data stored here is highly personal in nature and protected by HIPPA compliance regulations. Workforce IAM is capable of managing these complex levels of access – so that users always have the access they need, and are never granted the access they don’t.

What are the benefits of workforce IAM Implementation?

  • Users enjoy a high level of connectivity within the system. Collaboration and productivity with these IAM programs become seamless with streamlined workflows and secure data sharing.
  • Identity-based authentication ensures low risk of security threat.
  • Well-informed employees with access to the right tools and information at the right time create better touchpoints with customers. Paired with Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM), workforce IAM contributes to an improved customer experience.

Get workforce IAM with BeyondID

As an Okta Global Apex Partner and Okta America Service Delivery Partner of the year, BeyondID is a trusted and experienced Managed Identity Services Provider that works with organizations to strategize, build, deploy, and manage identity solutions like workforce IAM. When businesses modernize their identity, they strengthen and optimize their organizations to become secure, agile and future proof. That’s why implementations such as workforce IAM should always be considered as a part of a larger transformation where CIAM and other solutions can be implemented as well to achieve optimal results.

During our engagement process, BeyondID helps organizations uncover pain points and identify a desired state. Then, our experts build a strategic roadmap to plan and prioritize implementations. When an organization embarks on its identity journey with BeyondID, we’re in it together. Unlike most managed service organizations, our focus is on modern identity management and our involvement doesn’t end with successful deployment; we continue to support our customers long after by helping them manage the applications we launch.

BeyondID strives to deliver the kind of success that inspires our customers to become Raving Fans. Our customers deserve the best, that’s exactly what we deliver. Contact BeyondID today to let us help you with your modern identity management journey.

Erin Moore
Erin Moore

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