Digital Identity Blueprint

Higher Education

Engaging Modern Students 101.

The Secure Total Experience represents the safest, most seamless student experience available. But with many educational institutions relying on outdated systems or making one-time investments in digital modernization, the student experience provided by most universities is full of security and experiential pain points.  

A Secure Total Experience

The Secure Total Experience is enabled by many modern Identity solutions working together in conjunction as part of a robust identity strategy; to achieve this state, identity modernization must take place on an ongoing basis. The most successful organizations are those that approach identity as a journey. 

Students are consumers too; in the digital age, a sub-par student experience will be in stark contrast to the customer experience they’ll encounter in every other industry. Educational institutions need to commit to modernizing their digital capabilities now to attract and retain young “consumers”. Universities reluctant to invest in solution longevity are putting their reputation as a modern educational institution on the line. 

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Our proactive approach to cybersecurity helps educational institutions stay confidently ahead of threats and deliver a secure total experience powered by identity-first governance philosophy.