Digital Identity Blueprint


Digital dinosaurs won’t survive the digital age.

Data security and patient experience represent two of healthcare’s most critical pain points. A Digital Front Door strategy is the key to managing both. 

A Secure Total Experience

The Digital Front Door is enabled by many modern Identity solutions working together in conjunction as part of a robust identity strategy. As is such, healthcare organizations must commit to engaging with identity modernization on an ongoing basis to deliver and maintain a highly functional, seamless, and secure Digital Front Door.

One-off investments and irregular system maintenance bring about challenges like whack-a-mole security, compliance fatigue, IT/security cost increase, high maintenance costs, disjointed care experience, and low patient engagement. The most successful healthcare organizations approach identity as a journey; Organizations reluctant to invest in solution longevity are putting their reputation on the line. 

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Our proactive approach to cybersecurity helps healthcare organizations stay confidently ahead of threats and deliver a secure total patient experience powered by identity-first governance philosophy.