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BeyondID provides more than services. Our innovative connectors bridge the gap between Okta and other business-specific applications that couldn’t be fully integrated before. Now, you can experience a cohesive digital environment tailored to your software and enhanced with Okta to safeguard your organization’s most sensitive information. 

Epic Connector (Healthcare)

BeyondID’s Epic CRM Connector enables healthcare organizations (hospitals) to keep a record of all relationships with suppliers, customers, and other clients. The connector allows healthcare IT admins to securely provision, de-provision, and update Epic user accounts, while ensuring patients have authorized access to healthcare applications they need.

Q2 Connector (Finance)

BeyondID’s Q2 Connector creates end-to-end banking and lending experiences to banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions, allowing them to customize the user interface for applications such as mobile banking. The connector integrates Okta and Q2 using on-premise provisioning interface, enabling the ability to manage identity for Q2 users and customers through Okta LCM/UD.

Shopify Connector (Retail)

BeyondID’s Shopify Connector is an e-commerce platform that helps small businesses build an online store and sell online through one streamlined dashboard. The connector allows companies to manage customer accounts in Shopify using Okta, providing a centralized way to manage and sync customer changes.

SAP ECC Connector

BeyondID’s SAP ECC Connector provides an integration framework that simplifies complex SAP integration processes, reducing manual efforts and the risk of errors. The connector ​​achieves data consistency across your ecosystem by seamlessly synchronizing information between SAP and other systems. It also ​​reduces operational costs by automating routine tasks and processes.

SAP Success Factors Connector

Harness the full potential of your SAP environment with BeyondID's SAP Success Factors Connectors. Streamline operations with centralized management capabilities designed to enhance security, improve data accuracy, and more.

ADP Connector

BeyondID’s ADP Connector centralizes identity management for your ADP workforce and ​automates user provisioning so employees can be productive from day one. ​It also secures your organization with customizable de-provisioning that is effective across all systems. This keeps ADP as the system of record, adds Okta’s best-in-class security and eliminates manual user lifecycle processes.

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