Going Beyond with Identity at Oktane23 

Oktane brings together some of the greatest minds in cybersecurity and identity. This year, BeyondID was a Platinum-level sponsor of the event. 

Oktane23 brought upwards of 4,000 in-person attendees to the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA, while thousands more around the world logged on to participate virtually. Events such as these represent critical opportunities to connect with our community, learn about identity’s latest solutions and innovations, and better understand the space in which we operate. These are our takeaways: 

Oktane23 Highlights

Okta Partner Awards 2023 

BeyondID was named Americas (AMER) Partner of the Year at Okta’s annual Partner Awards 2023! BeyondID won Americas (AMER) Service Delivery Partner of the Year at Oktane22, making this the second year in a row BeyondID has won a Partner of the Year award at Okta’s Partner Summit.  

What does it mean to be Americas Partner of the Year? According to Okta, “As a strategic partner, BeyondID brings unique expertise to address joint customers’ challenges. The integrations they’ve built on Okta’s solutions have created new opportunities and has led to mutual growth in the Healthcare vertical. We recognize their commitment to Okta, to our joint customers and the value they bring to the industry.” 

BeyondID’s Welcome Reception Afterparty at The Club at Wingtip 

For the second year in a row, BeyondID held a Welcome Reception Afterparty at The Club at Wingtip in San Francisco. We welcomed over 400 partners, customers, future customers, and friends to Wingtip’s exclusive social club for a night of food, beverages, networking, and fun. This was a great way to kick off Oktane23 and celebrate our award, which was announced shortly before the event.  

Online Session: “Retail Strategies for Digital Identity Transformation” 

BeyondID’s online session was streamed to an audience of Oktane23 virtual attendees on Wednesday, October 4th. The session, titled “Retail Strategies for Digital Identity Transformation”, offered an in-depth look at BeyondID’s Okta-enabled Omnichannel Experience solution for Retail organizations with speakers from BeyondID customers Discount Tire and HEB, plus Okta SVP Global Services, Chael Banks.  

Oktane Breakout Session: “Seven Days to Prevent a Breach in Your Organization” 

Neeraj Methi (VP, Solutions, BeyondID), Sasi Kelam (CTO & Co-Founder, BeyondID), and Greg Lorenz (VP, Product Acceleration, Okta) 

BeyondID’s in-person breakout session covered short-term identity strategies that target key cybersecurity threats and experience snags for quick results. The gist: an organization’s identity transformation journey is lifelong, but there are things you can do to bolster security and improve user experience now. The presentation was given by some of BeyondID and Okta’s most knowledgeable identity experts to a well-attended audience at the theater session.  

A Special Announcement: BeyondID’s Identity Fabric Approach to Zero Trust Services 

BeyondID announced our Identity Fabric Approach to Zero Trust Services at Oktane23. This revolutionary take on zero trust security follows our Identity Fabric Model for Zero Trust Security and makes BeyondID the first organization to deliver a holistic approach to zero trust services.  

BeyondID’s new generation of zero trust services is supported by our state-of-the-art 24-hour security operations center (SOC) and aims to strengthen zero trust posture by supporting identity function across the board. To promote our newest service, Oktane23 attendees were gifted a free introductory zero trust assessment from BeyondID! 


Oktane23 Takeaways and Closing Thoughts

  • With 4000+ in-person attendees this year, Oktane continues to grow. 
  • The theme of Oktane23 was “Go Beyond with Identity” and we can’t think of a better theme!  
  • Todd McKinnon (CEO & Co-Founder, Okta) and Bill Hustad (SVP, Global Partners and Alliances, Okta) kicked off Oktane23 with Okta’s Partner Summit. A few numbers shared: 
    • 78% of organizations had a breach in 2022 
    • 89% of organizations are driven by customer experience, meaning security conversations are more likely to happen outside of IT  
    • 70% of SaaS last year was bought outside of IT 
  • Okta had several major product announcements: 
    • Okta AI – included in both Workforce and Customer Identity Cloud;  
      brings together data from integration ecosystem and Okta community  
    • For WIC, Identity Threat Protection with Okta AI – detects a wide range of threats, proactively protects users, and automatically acts against threats 
    • For CIC, introducing passkeys that provide phishing resistant signup – makes users less reliant on passwords and legacy credentials  
  • Okta AI capabilities are being leveraged across their entire product line.
  • AI was, and will continue to be, a major topic of discussion for all organizations. Todd McKinnon reminds us that the AI revolution is here: “It’s going to pervade every industry and every company. We used to say that every company is a technology company. Now, every company needs to be an AI company.”  
Erin Moore
Erin Moore

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