Working from Home? Here’s how to make your workforce secure and productive.

The current environment has forced many companies to implement work-from-home policies. This represents a major challenge for many companies because they lack proper technology and the security infrastructure to support their workforce at home. Hackers are targeting remote workers to gain unauthorized access to company data and systems. Despite these challenges, companies must find efficient ways to keep their workforce collaborative, productive and secure to serve their customers and communities.

Best-of-breed IT services and SaaS applications that can make your company rapidly collaborative, productive and secure. If you have limited resources, time or expertise to implement these applications, BeyondID can help implement a rapid and affordable solution. These include Zoom and Slack for real-time collaboration, Microsoft 365 or G Suite for business productivity, Asana for project management, Zylo for SaaS Management and Okta for Identity Cloud to secure all these apps and thousands of other business applications.

Here are the recommended steps to make it easy and secure for your workforce to access the apps and data they need:

  • Inventory the mission-critical apps your workforce needs to run your business.
  • Move aggressively to adopt a cloud-first strategy and transfer as many of your business functions to the cloud as possible.
  • Ensure your entire workforce has secure access to the applications they need from any location and device.
  • Secure your mission-critical apps using a central access gateway. Implement Single Sign-On (SSO), strong password authentication and Second-Factor Authentication (mobile/biometrics).
  • Discover, manage, measure, and secure all cloud-based SaaS Applications with Zylo. Discover all shadow IT.
  • Automate application provisioning and de-provisioning to users based on their roles and authorities.
  • Register and manage user devices for authorized access to mission-critical applications from anywhere.
  • Implement UEBA (User and Entity Behavior Analytics) to monitor and track any suspicious activities.
  • Apply dynamic access policies, factoring in time of access, geolocation, devices, and many other factors.
  • Communicate to your workforce how these changes will benefit them.

How BeyondID can help you now

  • BeyondID experts have supported thousands of businesses of all sizes and budgets.
  • Go live in 24-48 hours with an affordable solution.
  • During this time, we are offering discounts and options for financing as well.

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