What is Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM)?

We’re glad you asked. Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) authenticates, stores, and manages customer identities within an organization’s external-facing system. In action, CIAM looks like: self-registration, social login, profile generation, profile management, credential management, reporting and analytics, secure identity archives, and a few other things.

Who needs CIAM?

When it comes to CIAM, size and industry are non-factors. Security and data management should be the imperative for any organization with customer-facing systems. This includes any application that requires customer users to create an account and log in.
What are the benefits?

● CIAM enhances the customer experience with seamless, consistent identity-based access and tools for self-sufficiency.

● Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) ensures profile and data security for customers and the organization.

● Reporting and analytics capabilities deliver actionable insights that help understand user trends and improve customer experience.

Get CIAM with BeyondID

As an Okta Global Apex Partner, BeyondID is a trusted and experienced managed identity services provider that works with organizations to strategize, build, deploy, and manage identity solutions like CIAM. Because CIAM is necessary for the security and functionality of customer-facing applications, it’s a priority item on most businesses’ roadmap. But identity is a journey, and CIAM works in conjunction with multiple other solutions to create a seamless user experience. That’s why CIAM is generally included in a larger identity transformation where workforce and other solutions can be implemented simultaneously to achieve optimal results.

During our engagement process, our digital identity management professionals help organizations uncover pain points and identify a desired state. Then, our experts build a strategic roadmap to plan and prioritize implementations. When an organization embarks on its identity journey with BeyondID, we’re in it together. Unlike most identity service organizations, our involvement doesn’t end with successful deployment; we continue to support our customers long after deployment by helping them manage the applications we launch.

BeyondID strives to deliver the kind of success that inspires our customers to become Raving Fans. Our customers deserve the best, and that’s exactly what we have to offer with our cyber security services. Contact BeyondID today to begin your identity journey.

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