Rocketeers Recognized: Ben Chan, Solutions Architect

Get ready to meet a BeyondID team member who’s as comfortable tackling tech challenges as they are mastering the latest video game. Ben Chan is not your average problem-solver. Within the virtual halls of BeyondID, Ben thrives on challenges, relishing the opportunity to craft innovative solutions tailored to meet the needs of his clients. Whether […]

Rocketeers Recognized: James Hong, Enterprise Account Executive

In our latest edition of Rocketeers Recognized, James shares his life and career stories, that are both relatable and inspiring. He talks about his dual citizenship and unique previous jobs like being a Sushi Chef and Sailing Instructor, showing his diverse interests. Despite being an introvert, James enjoys social interactions, adding depth to his personality. […]

Rocketeers Recognized: Ravi Verma, Software Developer

Dive into the dynamic world of Ravi, one of our talented Software Developers and a valued member of the BeyondID family in Nepal! Learn more about where tech expertise meets a vibrant tapestry of adventurous passions. With friends describing him as “Helpful, Responsible, and Devoted,” Ravi takes us on a journey beyond the code, revealing a penchant […]

Rocketeers Recognized: Anjana Puttu, Senior Technical Consultant

Meet the unstoppable force known as Anjana Puttu, seamlessly juggling the realms of technical resources and customer success. When not navigating the tech universe, you’ll find her being a passionate “Swiftie”– because nothing says conquering the IT world like belting out ‘End Game’ lyrics on a Thursday afternoon! She’s not just a pro at managing […]

Rocketeers Recognized: Willis Owallah, Service Management Engineer

In this edition of “RR”, we introduce an exceptional team member who embodies a BeyondID core value integrity. He keeps this value at the forefront of both his professional and personal pursuits. With surprising musical talents and a passion for knowledge, Willis’ multifaceted nature shines. However, what truly sets him apart is his unwavering dedication […]

Rocketeers Recognized: Kathy Tullio, Delivery Architect

Let us introduce you to Kathy – a powerhouse of determination, always ready to lend a hand, and deeply involved in everything she does. Her mornings kick off at 5am with invigorating outdoor adventures like biking and running, accompanied by creative sewing and baking ventures. Imagine Kathy winning the lottery – the first thing on […]

Rocketeers Recognized: Sunny Mattoo, Senior Project Manager

Today we shine the spotlight on Sunny Mattoo, one of our talented Sr. Project Managers here at BeyondID. With a winning combination of reliability, empathy, and adventurous spirit, Sunny brings a unique flair to the table. It’s no surprise that his dedication to excellence has earned him our prestigious President’s Club award, a testament to […]

Rocketeers Recognized: Adrian Morales, Instructional Designer

Meet Adrian Morales: a fun, sincere, and reliable force to be reckoned with. Inspired by “Miracle Morning,” he kickstarts his days with purpose and a powerful routine. From captivating movies to family board games, he cherishes his downtime. Swimming keeps him energized, while his passion for L&D led him to become an Instructional Designer. With […]

Getting to Know BeyondID’s Women in Technology

In honor of International Women’s Day, we interviewed several members of BeyondID’s own Women in Technology chapter to recognize their contributions, celebrate their achievements, and get to know them better. We also had the opportunity to hear their perspectives on progress in gender equality, the challenges women face in the workplace, and optimism for the […]

Rocketeers Recognized: Brian Nguyen, Associate Delivery Architect

Welcome to our first edition of Rocketeers Recognized – where we get to know one of our own a little better. Our first spotlight is on Brian Nguyen. Brian is confident, competitive, and decisive – at least that’s what his friends would say about him. He’s got a passion for coffee, sushi, and watch collecting […]