Healthcare Should Start at the Digital Front Door

The Institute of Healthcare Improvement introduced its “Triple Aim” approach to optimizing health system performance for the first time in 2007. More than a decade later, that initiative has become the “Quintuple Aim,” identifying five measurable dimensions of performance – population health, patient experience, per capita cost of care, clinician well-being and health equity. How […]

The Hacking of Health Care and the Need for Better Cybersecurity

Health care organizations are tasked with providing great patient care – and user experience – in a world where digital threats are increasing every day. From telehealth applications to electronic health records (EHR) systems to connected medical devices, there is an abundance of technology, applications and data that must be secured. But health care remains […]

The Digital Front Door to Healthcare’s Future

A Paradigm Shift: Telehealth When the pandemic arrived in early 2020, the healthcare industry faced a looming crisis and it compelled leadership to address some unprecedented challenges within their organizations, including how to manage their digital transformation strategies. For years, healthcare had lagged behind other industries in the adoption of digital technologies. While digital experiences […]

Inception Health – Identity Management Solutions | Case Study

Overview Inception Health is the innovation arm of Froedtert Health and the Medical College of Wisconsin. Their focus is on changing healthcare by finding innovative solutions for consumer needs. The organization straddles health care, technology, and incubation.   Inception Health’s initiative to modernize their patient identity was driven by the need for digital transformation, improving the overall patient experience and embracing the increased demand for remote […]

Three ways to provide excellent digital healthcare

Telehealth and telemedicine use has skyrocketed this year because of the pandemic, but this may have accelerated an existing trend. According to a report by McKinsey, telehealth could account for up to $250 Billion in future healthcare spending in the United States. A digital-first generational shift may mean that digital health will be more widely-available […]