A Secure Total Student Experience: Reframing Students as Modern Consumers of Higher Education  

Today’s students represent the most connected, digital-savvy demographic in the world, everywhere but campus.  The administrative culture of higher education is known for its rigid procedural adherence. To excel in their academic pursuits, students must navigate disjointed, often unforgiving administrative processes from application to graduation. Now, isolated attempts at digitization are complicating these processes further. […]

The Hacking of Health Care and the Need for Better Cybersecurity

Health care organizations are tasked with providing great patient care – and user experience – in a world where digital threats are increasing every day. From telehealth applications to electronic health records (EHR) systems to connected medical devices, there is an abundance of technology, applications and data that must be secured. But health care remains […]

Cybersecurity Best Practices for the Financial Industry

A great number of cyberattacks in any given year occur against the financial sector. Financial services experiences 300 times the amount of cyberattacks than do other verticals. The cyber industry is spending more on cybersecurity than ever before, but by following these best practices financial institutions can improve their security posture.  Vulnerability Management  Financial services […]

Best Practices for Cloud Security

There is no one perfect solution to Cloud security, in large part because the phrase means different things depending on whom you ask. Beyond individual interpretation, different systems provide vastly different controls for adjustment. While one cannot set detailed controls that apply in every situation, a broad set of base controls can be crafted that […]

The Digital Front Door to Healthcare’s Future

A Paradigm Shift: Telehealth When the pandemic arrived in early 2020, the healthcare industry faced a looming crisis and it compelled leadership to address some unprecedented challenges within their organizations, including how to manage their digital transformation strategies. For years, healthcare had lagged behind other industries in the adoption of digital technologies. While digital experiences […]

CIAM: Security, Reputation and the Customer Experience

Okta and BeyondID recently sponsored a panel discussion on CIAM (Customer Identity Access Management) to share insights on the best approaches to CIAM solutions. It included customers who are currently engaged in a CIAM implementation as well as those who are in the early stages of putting an overall plan in place.

4 Keys to Success in Managing Enterprise Security

So how does a business become more secure, agile and future proof? It requires the discipline to have a clear vision and roadmap to deploy and manage your enterprise security, and the ability to scale your services to meet the needs as your organization expands, whether through organic growth or Mergers and Acquisitions.

Oktane21: The Future of Identity

As organizations face unprecedented threats against their data, applications, and resources, it has become apparent to business and government alike that cybersecurity must be a priority. Without adopting modern identity, companies will continue to have breaches that will be costly for them and their customers, patients, and broader communities. Okta’s annual users’ conference – Oktane21 […]