Best Practices for Cloud Security

There is no one perfect solution to Cloud security, in large part because the phrase means different things depending on whom you ask. Beyond individual interpretation, different systems provide vastly different controls for adjustment. While one cannot set detailed controls that apply in every situation, a broad set of base controls can be crafted that […]

The Digital Front Door to Healthcare’s Future

A Paradigm Shift: Telehealth When the pandemic arrived in early 2020, the healthcare industry faced a looming crisis and it compelled leadership to address some unprecedented challenges within their organizations, including how to manage their digital transformation strategies. For years, healthcare had lagged behind other industries in the adoption of digital technologies. While digital experiences […]

Cloud 3.0 Q&A – BeyondID CEO Arun Shrestha

BeyondID CEO & Co-Founder, Arun Shrestha, answers questions about cloud 3.0. Q1: How do you define cloud 3.0 and where does ‘cloud native’/microservices/kubernetes/multi-cloud fit into that? While Cloud 1.0 and Cloud 2.0 served as the foundation for World Wide Web and Social & Mobile respectively, Cloud 3.0 provides the foundation for a dramatic shift in […]

5 Steps to a Successful Cloud Migration

Introduction Cloud migration is a vast topic. In this blog we focus on migrating Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems and processes, which, in many cases, comprise the early stages of a company’s journey to the cloud. Benefits of Cloud Migration Cloud adoption has become integral to an enterprise’s Information technology (IT) modernization. Running your […]

IT Modernization: Why, What and How

IT Modernization is your organization’s path to success. Success means being able to increase productivity and revenue and reduce costs. These factors are driving modernization today: Workforce needs the ability to connect from everywhere using mobile devices, and to have the access they need when they need it Seamless, frictionless experiences are the baseline to […]

Cloud Taking Over the World, Says Okta CEO

Cloud is just getting started says Okta CEO, Todd McKinnon. He says that everyone talks about the how cloud has come of age, but it’s really at only 20 percent of $1 trillion in IT spend. “We’re still in the early days of cloud adoption,” says McKinnon. “We’re very excited about the runway ahead and […]

2019 Cybersecurity Predictions: Cloud Security

Stan Lowe, CISO, Zscaler Global governments will look to the private sector to help with securing cloud apps as they offload commodity IT applications and services. Due to skills shortages, governments don’t have the knowledge, skills and abilities to migrate data and applications and services to the cloud. As a result, governments around the world […]