Okta Platform: 3 Benefits

If you’ve made it past the headline, I imagine you are on your journey to determine the Identity & Access Management Solution best suited for your organization. Clearly, this is a major decision that can make or break any company. I also imagine, that unless this is day one of your journey, you’ve already been […]

Inception Health – Identity Management Solutions | Case Study

Overview Inception Health is the innovation arm of Froedtert Health and the Medical College of Wisconsin. Their focus is on changing healthcare by finding innovative solutions for consumer needs. The organization straddles health care, technology, and incubation.   Inception Health’s initiative to modernize their patient identity was driven by the need for digital transformation, improving the overall patient experience and embracing the increased demand for remote […]

CIAM: Security, Reputation and the Customer Experience

Okta and BeyondID recently sponsored a panel discussion on CIAM (Customer Identity Access Management) to share insights on the best approaches to CIAM solutions. It included customers who are currently engaged in a CIAM implementation as well as those who are in the early stages of putting an overall plan in place.

Best Practices for your IAM Implementation

Identity and access management is simply connecting people with technology. But implementing IAM solutions can be a large undertaking. Think of this as a journey, not a single event.

Oktane21: The Future of Identity

As organizations face unprecedented threats against their data, applications, and resources, it has become apparent to business and government alike that cybersecurity must be a priority. Without adopting modern identity, companies will continue to have breaches that will be costly for them and their customers, patients, and broader communities. Okta’s annual users’ conference – Oktane21 […]

Oktane21: Highlights and Takeaways

Okta held their annual users’ conference Oktane21 from April 6-8, 2021, and like 2020, it was held virtually, complete with exhibition halls, booths, and keynotes.  BeyondID was a sponsor of Oktane21, hosted a booth at the event, and held an informative panel discussion with customers ATN International, Inception Health, and Johnson Financial Group. 

Identity and Access Management: From The Ground Up

No business wants to make headlines for having a data breach, but the rise of cyberattacks increases that likelihood. Recent cybersecurity statistics and trends reveal skyrocketing incidences of hacks and breached data. Furthermore, increased reliance on cloud services, mobile and IoT devices assist in making these threats increasingly common in the workplace. Alarmingly, many companies […]

IT Modernization: Why, What and How

IT Modernization is your organization’s path to success. Success means being able to increase productivity and revenue and reduce costs. These factors are driving modernization today: Workforce needs the ability to connect from everywhere using mobile devices, and to have the access they need when they need it Seamless, frictionless experiences are the baseline to […]