BeyondID For Good Supports Local Bengaluru Organization – Needuva Hrudhaya “Heart of Giving” Foundation

Needuva Hrudhaya “Heart of Giving” Foundation Needuva Hrudhaya “Heart of Giving” Foundation is a non-profit youth support organization committed to making a positive impact on the welfare of Bengaluru’s rural student population. The organization spearheads philanthropic initiatives that focus primarily on hygiene, education, and development.   BeyondID India Our team in India identified Needuva Hrudhaya Foundation as […]

BeyondID For Good Mexico Visits Casa de Descanso Jose Vicente Women’s Asylum

Casa de Descanso Jose Vicente Casa de Descanso Jose Vicente is a non-profit women’s retirement and assisted living facility serving a community of elderly women in Zapopan, Mexico. The organization operates under a mission to promote the wellbeing and inclusion of elderly women and believes in the right of all elderly people to lead dignified, […]

BeyondID For Good supports Manavsewa Ashram Homeless Outreach in Nepal

Manavsewa Ashram Manavsewa Ashram is a non-profit homeless outreach organization dedicated to making Nepal a “street-people-free country” by providing life-saving resources to Nepal’s most vulnerable. In support of their mission, “ food, shelter, clothes, health, and education for all”, the ashram provides Nepal’s homeless population with prompt medical intervention, screening and care, food, water, clothing […]

BeyondID For Good Supports Food For Life Nepal

Food for Life Nepal (FFLN) is an independent, secular social welfare organization dedicated to bringing children back into the classroom by providing consistent school meals to over 7,000 students in Budhanilkantha Municipality and Tokha Municipality, Kathmandu. Their mission to eradicate classroom hunger, ensure food security among marginalized groups, and lead food relief efforts during national […]

BeyondID For Good Partners With Nightingales Medical Trust to Give Back to Bengaluru

Nightingales Medical Trust is a professionally managed, not-for-profit organization based in Bangalore, India. Since 1998, the trust has worked to set new trends in age care by providing affordable, accessible, community-based services and support systems to the elderly. All those aligned with The Nightingales share a vision for healthy, happy, empowered, and socially integrated elders. Their […]