Integration as a Service

Unify Systems and Applications

Many businesses use a diversity of applications and systems, but lack the architecture to unify them.  Integration as a Service allows organizations to centralize access to data and apps, increase security and streamline management between cloud resources and on-premise or cloud systems.

Better for Business

Connecting resources into one coherent system is important to streamline management. This enables automation of business processes in a way that is cost-effective and secure. For example, many organizations use the Human Resources system as the system of record, but enable features such as automated lifecycle management and multi-factor authentication by linking employee records to their Identity and Access Management solution. Such integrations not only reduce redundant tasks, but also mitigate security risks due that can often result from manual processes if systems are not integrated.

Benefits of IaaS

Integration as a Service drives more automated and efficient processes across the organization. This reduces cost and the amount of effort and time it takes to manage systems. Leveraging IaaS need not mean having to invest in new infrastructure. A hosted platform allows for companies to scale to their need and take advantage of service management.    

IaaS Solutions

BeyondID is your go-to Systems Integration partner who has expertise and capacity to build application and system integrations at scale. BeyondID can develop, maintain, deploy and manage tailored integrations for cloud and on-premise, and provide consulting, onboarding, development, verification, production readiness, and support & maintenance. Options include hosted or standalone deployments, and supported connectors include SAML, SCIM, OIDC and more.

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