Customer Identity

Let's get your ducks in a row.

Customer identity is more than just logging on. An identity-first zero trust strategy is used to define customer engagement with an organization’s products, services, and applications.

It powers the total user experience, influences brand perception, and determines an organization’s ability to attract and retain customers through the cultivation of brand loyalty.

Customer Identity Cloud (CIC)

BeyondID is proud to be an authorized reseller of Okta Customer Identity Cloud (CIC). Outsource your customer identity strategy to build stronger digital identities, gain a better understanding of your customers, and maximize the value of your consumer and SaaS applications without pulling in-house developers away from other projects.

CIC helps brands deliver a personalized experience that goes beyond recognizing a customer’s name. Now businesses can give helpful suggestions, make product recommendations, and anticipate specific needs to make a customer’s journey as seamless and easy as possible.  

A customer identity suite offers organizations a clear advantage. 


Advanced insights allow businesses to keep their finger on the pulse of their customer base and deliver a competitive brand experience that attracts and retains more customers while improving ROI.

Market Share

Driving additional revenue growth helps grow the bottom line, and over time, will increase market share.


Customer Engagement

Seamless brand interactions across all channels – online and in-store – translate to an exceptional customer experience that drives high engagement outcomes.

Secure Experience

Cybersecurity is a non-negotiable when it comes to winning customer loyalty, and the most secure customer experience begins with identity.

Customer Insights

With the right information, companies can better understand the factors that influence their customers’ decision-making and leverage that data to improve their products, services, and total user experience.

Businesses that don’t have a strong customer identity strategy cannot compete with those that do.

Begin your identity transformation journey today.