Application Integration Gateway

Migrate and authenticate to Okta

What is Application Integration Gateway (AIG)?

BeyondID Application Integration Gateway (AIG) migrates user identity to Okta Universal Directory for centralized and strong authentication. It enables authentication or migration of user credentials and profiles to the Okta Universal Directory from data sources including Identity Providers, LDAP, Active Directory, databases and web services.

Okta Acquisition


  • Migrate users and passwords quickly and easily
  • Enforce consistent policies by consolidating user stores
  • Empower IT by automating lifecycle management
  • Support IT and identity modernization



BeyondID AIG provides seamless migration of hashed passwords with zero code changes to the application. It makes it easy to delegate authentication to backend sources, while enriching identity with attributes pulled from multiple data stores through tailored customizations.

AIG is available with two options that conform to your needs, either utilizing Just-in-Time provisioning to Okta or bulk migration of user identities.

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