Preempt Security and BeyondID partner to combat evolving cybersecurity threats

BeyondID and Preempt Security are partnering to empower business to counter new security threats as workforce needs evolve. Preempt software and BeyondID consulting, implementation and service management combine to make a stronger security posture attainable.

Enabling a high level of remote workforce productivity is key for business today. Companies are undertaking a massive shift to build enhanced websites and digital tools to support remote employees while addressing cybersecurity concerns. In order to reduce attack surface, companies must move towards stronger cybersecurity by leveraging the Zero Trust framework and tools to increase Okta ROI by enhancing visibility and security. BeyondID offers the Zero Trust Assessment as a way for business to learn where they stand on the maturity curve and to create a roadmap to move to a higher level of cybersecurity. In order to expand the cybersecurity services available to our customers, we are pleased to announce our partnership with Preempt Security.

Preempt delivers a modern approach to authentication and securing identity in the enterprise. Using patented technology for Conditional Access, Preempt helps enterprises optimize identity hygiene and stop attacks in real-time before they impact business. Preempt continuously detects and preempts threats based on identity, behavior, and risk across all cloud and on-premises authentication & access platforms. This low-friction approach empowers security teams with more visibility & control over accounts and privileged access, while achieving compliance and auto-resolving incidents.

“Digital transformation and Zero Trust initiatives, require Preempt’s zero friction approach to securing workforce identities.  Our unique approach unifies security visibility and control for on-premises and cloud identities. And our software can preempt threats and enforce IT policy in real-time using identity, behavioral, and risk analytics.  We’re delighted to partner with BeyondID, whose consulting and implementation services likewise blend identity with cybersecurity initiatives.”  Ajit Sancheti, CEO of Preempt.

“Work-from-home requirements have magnified cybersecurity threats for practically every company. We are very excited to announce our partnership with Preempt Security. Jointly, BeyondID and Preempt Security can deliver solution to companies for securing identities and preventing threats like credential compromise and target attacks,” Arun Shrestha, CEO of BeyondID.

BeyondID offers consulting, implementation and managed services for identity management, cybersecurity and cloud platforms, including Preempt integrations. Together, these partners can guide business to a more unified and strong cybersecurity posture by increasing ROI from Okta investments with Preempt’s Security Visibility and Control. Here’s how:

  1. Get Holistic Security Visibility: On-Premises and Cloud

Get a holistic understanding of the security gaps in authentication policies, user roles, access privileges, human and service accounts, access deviations, and so on, across on-premise and cloud environments. The Preempt and Okta synergy will help you unify and extend security visibility, removing siloed visibility overhead.

  1. Reinforce your Okta SSO Policies

With Preempt’s truly real-time threat detection, tweak your Okta SSO policies for users and groups. Without the need for log analysis, Preempt detects lateral movement and access violations in real-time and helps you stop Kerberoasting, Golden Tickets and Pass the Hash (PtH) attacks.

  1. Increase User Acceptance of Your Okta MFA Strategy

Preempt continuously assesses risks based on user behavior that is tied to entities such as endpoints, servers, applications, location, user roles, and many more. You can trigger Okta MFA (Okta Verify Push/OTP/Phone Call) or block access to resources or applications, only when the risk increases, improving user experience and wider adoption of your Okta MFA implementation.

  1. Extend Okta MFA to Any Application

Trigger Okta MFA for any application in your enterprise, on-premise or cloud, including legacy and proprietary applications. Without the need for additional agents on user endpoints, extend MFA and enforce risk-based Conditional Access even on proprietary servers and devices.

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