Platform Consolidation is the Natural Next Step for Identity

The qualms of spending-fatigued cybersecurity customers paint a picture of a market wherein too many individual solutions, vendors, and resources are required to solve a singular problem: securing your digital environment. In 2024, companies investing in their security posture have too many (very expensive) cooks in their kitchens, and they’re sick of it. 

Now, industry experts are counting on platform consolidation to fix the problem.  

Platform Consolidation in the News

Palo Alto Networks has announced a complete overhaul of their growth strategy, a wave-making move intended to boost adoption of the Palo Alto Networks platform. This news follows a years-long effort led by CEO Nikesh Arora to radically transform the company from a network security vendor into the provider of a comprehensive cybersecurity platform.  

This represents the first major move by an industry giant to rewrite precedent in the cybersecurity space; a leap forward for the industry. However, this decision will not be without growing pains for Palo Alto Networks.  

Even so, the company remains committed to simplifying cybersecurity coverage and lowering costs for customers across the board. Wedbush Securities Managing Director and Senior Equity Research Analyst Daniel Ives assured Palo Alto Network investors, “…that the move to the platform approach in cyber security is the right long term move for PANW and [it] will ultimately emerge from this transition in a stronger market position.” 

Navigating the Solution

As you look inward to consolidate your own collection of platforms, BeyondID can help you evaluate your current state and make the best long-term decisions to cut costs, manage resources more efficiently, and simplify your cybersecurity strategy. Over time, we can help significantly reduce your overall cybersecurity spend. 

Erin Moore
Erin Moore

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