Security Operations Center

We’ll sleep when we’re dead.  

For organizations seeking to maximize their security posture, staffing the right professionals at the right time has become a major challenge.

Of cybersecurity professionals reported feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated by the changing demands of their role.

Of cybersecurity leaders have seen a rise in staff turnover.

Of cyber security workers considering leaving their current role in the near future.  

The ever-growing threats don’t stop and neither does BeyondID. Our SOC is 24×7 virtual extension of your identity and security teams. We provide trained cybersecurity professionals to monitor your environment, detecting, identifying, quarantining, and remediating identity threats (ITDR) across your enterprise tech stack.    

A SOC can provide the monitoring coverage you need without engaging in the costly, months-long process of onboarding additional full-time employees. 

Next to breaches, governance violations are the second most costly risk for global enterprises.

That’s why BeyondID has partnered with Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) Automation experts to automate compliance monitoring and remediate issues as a part of our SOC services.  

Getting started is the easiest part. We’ll help you identify your requirements and have you up and running in a matter of days.

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