On the ground floor at Oktane22

What an incredible week Oktane22 was for all of us at BeyondID! This was the first Oktane post-COVID, and that certainly magnified the gratitude and excitement we all felt to be a part of it. Socializing with people who haven’t been able to congregate like this in years was electric – everyone was happy to be there.

Oktane22 was an opportunity for us to be on the ground floor and make the connections we value so much at BeyondID. Our customers are the beating heart of our organization, so getting to meet them face-to-face, discuss their goals, and invent personalized cyber security solutions was very exciting. These types of conversations went a long way in establishing confidence with our future customers because we were able to show them what it would be like to partner with us.

Trending Talks

Oktane is a great opportunity for us to put our finger to the wind and find out what’s on the collective mind of the IAM system; this year was no different. The overall push for customer identity was the strongest and most prevalent theme I saw at Oktane22. Customers are recognizing identity management is at the center of everything, particularly the customer experience they’re striving for and the internal workflows that help make that a reality. Workforce and CIAM are two sides of the same coin, and industry leaders at Oktane22 are keen on both.

A Taste of Celebrity

During Oktane22, we made our first appearance as an Okta Apex Partner and accepted an award for America Service Delivery Partner of the year. This was an opportunity for BeyondID to showcase our Okta professional services and capabilities across the board and both recognitions were a huge testament to our efforts.

My favorite moment of the week was talking to our first influx of booth visitors coming from the expo hall; many people already knew who we were, and it was a humbling experience to see how many people were excited for us. It’s a great feeling to have our hard work as Okta partners recognized and we certainly felt that support at Oktane22. Customers we talked to were confident in our ability to understand their challenges and produce results, and that’s why the Apex Partnership means so much to us. It affirms that we’re the best at what we do, and it sends a message to our customers that we’re the right identity management solutions partner for them.

BeyondID Okta Apex Partner

BeyondID is thrilled to achieve Okta Apex Partner status. This achievement sets us apart as committing to a higher standard for managed identity services through the Okta platform. Our partnership has provided impactful identity management services for network security to many industries and companies of all sizes. We want to help you with securing a digital identity to keep your business and customers safe from cyber attacks. If you would like to inquire about our Okta professional services, contact our team for more information about the Okta benefits .

Vic Tapia
Vic Tapia

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