Okta, Thank You for the Customer Success Award and Awesome Oktane19!

Oktane19, the leading identity conference held in San Francisco last week, was phenomenal.  As Okta’s first Platinum Partner, we were super excited to be part of Oktane19.  BeyondID was also awarded Okta’s Customer Success Award.  Customer Success is Okta’s top core value and BeyondID is grateful for the recognition. We are even more committed to helping our joint customers succeed this year. At BeyondID, we want every customer to rave about their great experience with us!

Okta’s announcements made us excited for the year ahead. We know that our customers will benefit greatly from these advancements.  We are excited to work with our customers to plan and deploy the latest innovations from Okta.

Okta Identity Engine – With Okta Identity Engine, customers can create a tailored and dynamic identity experience. Okta Identity Engine is a highly-secure service to manage authorization that uses out-of-the-box building blocks so that customers can build what they need with relative ease. Customers can integrate any app, build passwordless experiences, modernize IT application development, and create uniquely-branded customer experiences.   

Okta Access Gateway Okta Access Gateway will allow for seamless integration of popular on-premise applications, such as Oracle and SAP, through Okta Identity Cloud. This is good news for organizations which are currently dependent on these applications and may find it viable to move to a cloud-based product, but also want centralized management and sign on tools.

Advanced Server Access – Advanced Server Access is meant to address that need and will help to centralize and protect cloud servers of a varied and expansive enterprise. Our customers will be able to actively manage many on-premises Windows and Linux servers, as well as multiple servers running on Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform with ease.

Risk-based Authentication with Machine Learning This provides timely decision-making on the level of security to be applied to authentication requests. Risk-based authentication means that the system can determine what level of risk requires additional levels of authentication.  Machine Learning helps to create a behavior profile which is not only secure but optimized for the way teams works. Machine Learning also increases security by being able to automatically detect and fend off identity-based attacks.

Okta Hooks  – Okta Hooks allows developers to build limitless integrations and build on Identity Cloud to create a better experience. Okta Hooks will allow our customers to make better connections with buyers by enriching CRM and demand gen systems such as Salesforce and Marketo. 

Acquisition of Azuqua – Okta acquired Azuqua, a workflow automation company.  This will help customers expand their security posture, and easily extend business application integration with the least amount of effort.

Apps for Good – Getting involved in a charity or non-profit can be as easy as logging into Okta. Apps for Good integrates several charitable and volunteer organizations into the Okta Integration Network (OIN). As a result, employees and partners will have a frictionless means to participate. Our customers will be  able to promote greater engagement with the least amount of overhead.  BeyondID has also joined the noble initiative and we are offering NPOs special discounts for our services – BeyondID for Good.   

Digital Enterprise Report – Okta surveyed 1,000 technology and engineering decision-makers in companies with over $1 Billion in revenue. The report discovered security is a prime concern for these organizations, and have made significant investments in Identity as a Service and digital transformation.  

Okta Ventures – Okta launched Okta Ventures, a $50M fund to invest in the next generation of identity technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Blockchain. This means that Okta will be on the leading edge of identity for years to come.  BeyondID will be able to help our customers architect and implement the latest innovations. 

These announcements are all fantastic for Okta customers. We were happy to see all the successful BeyondID customers at Oktane19 last week. We hope we can do more for you in the future. We were also excited to meet many prospects who are considering their IT journey in the cloud, and we look forward to helping them. We also thank all our strategic partners who attended Oktane19. It was great to meet so many at the Oktane Partner Summit, and we are very encouraged to be part of a thriving partner ecosystem. We cannot wait for Oktane20

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Arun Shrestha
Arun Shrestha

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