Meet BeyondID’s Women In Technology

BeyondID has historically honored Women’s History Month by shedding light on the careers and achievements of some of the most remarkable thought leaders of technology’s past.

Now, we’re stepping forward to recognize some of our very own amazing women whose present-day careers are helping write the next chapter in the history of technology.  

Delivery Architect, BeyondID

When Kathy Tullio first got her hands on the family computer at age 10, she dove head-first into an exciting new world of technology. Though she would go on to explore other areas of STEAM throughout her education, Kathy always found herself back at computers. By the time she graduated from the University of Toledo, it was with a degree in programming.

Four years ago, she discovered a passion for IAM.

In her chosen career, Kathy is as qualified as they come. She’s a BeyondID Delivery Architect, 5x Okta Certified Professional, and the first woman in history to become an Okta Certified Technical Architect; it also doesn’t hurt to mention that she’s a Half Ironman athlete. Within the Okta ecosystem, Kathy is a local celebrity. 

“Everyone has preconceived notions about who women are and what they do, and it’s no secret that most of the people in tech are men – that bias shows up in a lot of ways. Earlier in my career I was quicker to try and prove myself – to change people’s minds. But I just don’t worry about it anymore; I know what value I bring to the table, and if someone else doesn’t see it I just move on.”

“Taking time off is critical to coming to work at 100%. Learning to set and enforce boundaries to not work on weekends and during vacations is difficult but necessary. Respecting other people’s boundaries is just as important. I try my best to not reach out when someone is off the clock – no matter how small the task!”

Technical Consultant, BeyondID

Anupama Devarapu is a health and wellness blogger, mother, BeyondID Technical Consultant, and Okta 4x Certified IAM Engineer. Her career in technology, which was born of a determination to live by example for her daughter, has taken her around the globe – from India to Belgium, and the United States.

Anupama’s dedication to thriving in her professional life has seen her become part of a community of women in technology whose careers will change the way women show up in tomorrow’s history books.

“When we moved from Europe to the U.S., I had to put everything on pause for about four-and-a-half years while I waited for my work visa. By the time I was ready to step back into the workforce, employers were looking at a years-long gap in my work history, and I, too, was nervous about how that would affect my abilities. For all of these reasons, completing two years at BeyondID has been a huge milestone for me – I made it, and I’m still here.”

“I think that people are very eager to believe that female empowerment means treating men and women the exact same way, but what we really need to succeed in our professional careers is equity. Our nature is so different, and we face many unique challenges that men don’t have to worry about – we need to be met where we are.”

Technical Consultant, BeyondID

Camryn Rogers’ journey in technology began with a simple childhood curiosity about how things worked. Before long, that curiosity grew into a passion for engineering and an excitement to be a part of a movement to diversify STEAM programs at college and beyond. 

As a Technical Consultant, Camryn is an integral part of the delivery team at BeyondID. 

“In college I had a mentor who worked as an engineer to design prosthetics. After seeing first-hand how technology can change people’s lives for the better, I knew I wanted to be a part of that change in some capacity.”

“Don’t let imposter syndrome get the best of you; if you’ve made it this far, you deserve to be in these spaces just as much as the next guy!”

Senior Technical Consultant, BeyondID

Demand for Madhuri Dasari’s skill and professionalism as a software engineer and technical consultant has seen her career and education blossom in India, the United Kingdom, and the United States. When she earned her master’s degree at the University of Texas at Dallas, Madhuri was working full-time at BeyondID and getting ready to welcome her first child into the world. 

This year, Madhuri will celebrate five years with BeyondID! As a Senior Technical Consultant, Okta 4x Certified Professional, scholar, mother, singer, and all-around cybersecurity expert, there’s nothing Madhuri can’t do.

“About a year and a half into my career, I got an opportunity to join a client onshore in the UK as an extension of their in-house IT staff. The client had been so impressed with my work that they asked for me by name and brought me over to focus on their projects exclusively for six and a half months.”

“Planning out the time to learn each week helps me stay up to date on technology’s newest trends. I have found 15Five to be a great tracking tool – that’s where stay accountable for what I did to grow this week and note down what I want to learn more about the following week.”

If you'd like to join Kathy, Anupama, Camryn, Madhuri, and dozens of other motivated BeyondID Women in Technology, check out our open positions today!

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