Optimize, Grow, Protect: Oktane22 Takeaways

Early in November I had the opportunity to attend Oktane22 and deliver a session with Ajai Sehgal, Chief Data and Analytics Officer at Mayo Clinic. I was excited to represent BeyondID in conversation with one of our most recognizable customers because it allowed BeyondID to contribute to the incredible thought leadership taking place at Okta’s identity event of the year. I’m happy to say that the session was a great success with many valuable lessons for anyone who attended, and for me, the insightful conversations I had with new and future customers about the benefits of Okta.

Okta Platform at Oktane22

Many people were excited to talk with me because they had sat in on the session with Mayo Clinic and were interested to find out more about how BeyondID could help them achieve their identity and access management goals. Oktane22 was the first event of its kind for Okta post-COVID, and that was on the minds of customers attending the event. Of course, the pandemic has triggered a years-long period of turbulence in our economy.

What I realized at Oktane22 is that businesses aren’t shelving their identity goals to stay afloat when times are tough. Instead, their approach, goals and fears have only shifted to adapt to their economic positioning, and they’re embracing identity transformation as the solution. In this economy, customers are seeking help to maintain Okta Identity Management. BeyondID provides identity access management solutions by planning, deploying, and managing SSO and cloud for security and consumer identity.

Optimize Their Investments in Okta

Customers are looking to reduce operational costs by doing more with their initial investment in Okta. It was a popular subject, and customers were asking about the potential to replace other applications in their stack and leverage the management capabilities of Okta Platform to tackle other areas of concern. Okta is the leading identity platform supplier for enterprise customers.

Protect their Intellectual Property Amid Layoffs

In this day and age, retaliatory theft is a real fear of many businesses. With reduction in force comes disgruntled employees who might have the ability to take companies’ intellectual property (code, templates, customer list, contract, etc.) with them. Even after they are gone, making sure they do not have access to systems is critical. Identity solutions can automatically deprovision access on termination. Customers are interested in stepping up authentication now to prevent employees from accessing or downloading data which is not relevant to their current role and duties.

Grow and Protect Their Revenue

Customers are looking to prioritize strategic initiatives which will help the company grow or protect revenue. To make this happen, customers are keen to invest in identity solutions capable of enhancing the customer experience with improved registration, password-less authentication, and self-service capabilities.

Oktane22 Key Takeaways

The simple fact is that customers will be driven by the economy they exist in at any point in time. For me, Oktane22 was a unique and striking example of the inelasticity of identity solutions. In conversation with customers, I saw businesses’ determination to prioritize their identity journey and leverage their investments in identity to improve their positioning. For businesses to survive, they will continue to drive identity solutions, not cut them. ​​This is something that customers at Oktane22 were very firm in understanding.

BeyondID is proud to represent Okta as a Diamond Partner. Our cybersecurity consultants are consistently delivering successful implementations for Okta customers. Our certified experts implement best-in-class Identity and Access Management solutions, adaptive Multi-factor Authentication, API Access Management, and more platform services to improve workflow, security, and integration. For more information, get in touch with our Okta professional service experts.

Neeraj Methi
Neeraj Methi

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