Identity Belongs To You at Oktane22

Oktane22 brought Okta identity cloud platform leaps and bounds forward in their mission to reframe identity, making it an historic evolution of the company’s annual Oktane conference. The entire BeyondID team is proud to have joined Okta, its customers, and partners as one of only two Platinum sponsors during this monumental week for identity, the first of its kind since 2019.

On the floor, the pulse at Oktane22 was absolutely on fire! Conversations exploded with themes like “identity belongs to you” and “identity is boundless”, fueled by Okta’s thoughtful branding evolution. Customers and prospects who have invested, or are considering an Okta technology investment, dove deeper into the possibilities and opportunities identity-based business transformation avails them.

These discovery conversations give BeyondID and Okta the opportunity to partner to enable our joint customers’ and prospects’ businesses to future proof with identity at the core. And most have only just begun to scratch the surface of where that investment can take them. We had the chance to hear from some of the brightest minds in the identity space and contribute to the thought leadership surrounding this event ourselves. So much of this took hold in the riveting explorations we ventured upon with new and future customers, partners, and during an exciting BeyondID-hosted session with our customer Mayo Clinic.

Our successful Oktane22 was fueled by each of these experiences, and magnified by the much-anticipated debut of our Okta Global Apex Partnership and our AMER Delivery Partner of the Year award.

Delivery and Dedication

As Okta Global Apex Partner and America Service Delivery Partner of the Year, our raving fans and prospective customers can expect a higher standard of benefits and services from our certified Okta consultants. It means that we’re the best at what we do. And that we continue to boast more certified Okta consultants than anyone other than Okta. BeyondID continues to stay at the forefront of both Okta’s trusted partner ecosystem. This includes IAM implementation best practices, the latest thought leadership and innovation, and a continuing focus on future proofing.

A core theme at Okta remains – our customers’ and prospects’ specialties are not identity. These folks are looking for a trusted advisor to lead and guide their IAM journey, thereby giving them the comfort and confidence to focus on their core business, whether it be healthcare, financial services or retail. Trust is everything when a customer’s modern identity journey is in its early or transformative stages.

Oktane22 underscored our excitement about bringing Okta identity solutions to life, blazing more new frontiers this year. We will continue our joint investment with Okta on our customer and prospect successes on both the workforce and customer businesses.

Okta’s professional services are redefining identity and we’re so proud to be a part of their identity evolution. Together, we’re harnessing the potential to reach people in ways that haven’t been possible until now, and customers across industries are laser focused on the roadmap we’re making to get them there.

What’s next for Okta and BeyondID?

Together, we will continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible with identity management at the core of business. Look for future joint go-to-market activity, product innovations, service collaborations, and thought leadership in the coming year.

And speaking of collaboration, if you are ready to explore the next steps in your individual identity management journey, contact us today. Our highly experienced and certified team of consultants can evaluate and guide you to a plan that reflects where you are and where you are headed in your identity journey. Advisory, managed, and implementation services are all among our many areas of identity expertise.

We stand ready to make your Okta platform experience not only a solid investment with measurable ROI but an innovative and trusted journey to a business transformation that harnesses modern, secure, and future proof technology.

Rana Kahl
Rana Kahl

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