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Taking the Market’s Temperature on the Future of IAM: What’s on the Customer’s Mind?

BeyondID receives a lot of information from our customers and others in the industry on the direction of Identity Access Management (IAM). Here are some of those recurring themes and trends from our on-going conversations with customers, prospects, partners and analysts on what is driving identity modernization strategies.

John Gallo, Vice President of Infrastructure Operations, Security and Compliance at Texas Dow Employee Credit Union (TDECU), spoke with us during a theater session at Gartner’s IAM Summit 2022 last month. John shared his thoughts on TDECU’s journey, focused on Zero Trust.

“Zero Trust Security is on everyone’s security agenda.”

Businesses are pivoting toward IAM’s Zero Trust solution as a more modern approach to security. Relying on Identity, Micro-segmentation and Software Defined Networks (SDN), Zero Trust Security involves constant verification between access points to establish a secure identity. The consolidation of identity unlocks a more seamless user experience by establishing a basis for threat signals. This is where businesses’ desired Zero Trust Maturity Journey begins. Because this solution thrives in a passwordless authentication environment, it is well positioned to gain even more traction in the future.

Recurring Themes

Other feedback from customers – including conversations at the IAM Summit – provided insights as to what solutions they value most and which ones they hope to leverage in their on-going IAM journey. To plan your identity roadmap, consider taking the next step with the Identity Platform Assessment with our IAM service professionals. Here are some of those recurring themes of IAM latest trends:

“Gartner’s coined ‘Total Experience’ is a chief incentive for IAM adoption.”

A topic of many conversations, the “Total Experience” refers to a frictionless, secure user experience for partners, their employees and customers. The pursuit of this desired state has been a driver for recognizable names across multiple industries to invest in IAM. Experts recognize that its ubiquitous application transcends all individual experience goals and businesses are following suit.

“Identity proofing is boosting business’ confidence in a remote workforce.”

Businesses have moved out of their four walls and IAM is providing the required flexibility to do business anywhere, any time. Identity proofing supports remote identity verification, allowing businesses to conduct onboarding at a distance and customers to self-register.

“Resource scarcity is incentivizing businesses to invest in managed services.”

Resource scarcity is a topic interwoven into nearly every theme of every conversation. This is because managed identity as a service presents a solution regardless of a company’s size, maturity, timeline, or industry.

Managed services alleviate the need to spend cycles finding resources that are certified and experienced. Third-party management helps future-proof IAM strategies by providing on-going assistance and support, so businesses can focus on their core business with the assurance that their most critical identity access points are monitored and managed around the clock.

“Legacy Identity Platform Modernization is the next step for many organizations.”

Since the possibilities of IAM have expanded, businesses are keen to incorporate more modernization options into their current strategies while also bringing their IAM strategy into the future with new integrations.

Gartner Analyst Insights

Additional food for thought comes from Gartner as they reflected on the trends they’re hearing from their customers, including discussions from their IAM Summit that our cyber security consultants found enlightening.

“Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) is an important consideration for many organizations today.”

IGA solutions help to ensure organizations are keeping the access to sensitive information tightly controlled. Customers want IGA as part of their overall strategy to ensure the right actions are actually taking place.

“Businesses are recognizing the high business value of IAM.”

Companies are now recognizing that IAM has significant business value and can deliver on the corporate business objectives. It helps organizations improve their total user experience, strengthens their security perimeter and access to their data, and meets necessary compliance standards.

“Decision makers are paying special attention to CIAM.”

CIAM is a key consideration for businesses, as it controls the user experience from login to registration to authentication. CIAM simplifies the user experience while creating safe, secure access and improving the company’s overall brand relationship with its customers. But that experience is not limited to the customer alone – the company workforce, partners and vendors are also part of this ecosystem. The Total Experience as Gartner defined above.

Whatever the future trends or themes, one common thread for all of our customers is the trust they put in BeyondID to help them meet their goals and deliver the business outcomes expected.

For more information on any of these topics or trends, reach out to BeyondID via the contact form below.

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