How does Okta leverage its Diamond Partnership with BeyondID?

The right expertise

When BeyondID launched in 2018, we became Okta’s first services partner. By 2019 we’d become their first Platinum Partner, and today we’re one of their first Diamond Partners. By all measures, you could say we’re Okta’s oldest and strongest partner. So how does Okta leverage their Diamond Partnership with BeyondID?

BeyondID affords Okta access to highly-skilled industry and subject matter experts on a flexible basis. One of Okta’s greatest challenges over the years is having the right experts at the right time. BeyondID’s role supplying experts – both when and as needed – has been paramount to Okta’s success.

Not just people, but partners

BeyondID experts bring industry and Okta expertise to the table, meaning the people we supply aren’t just boots on the ground – they’re capable partners. This provides Okta with an attractive alternative to in-house staffing, a business model largely at the mercy of the economic cycle. As a Diamond Partner, BeyondID has successfully deployed Okta for thousands of customers across the globe to help companies become more secure, agile, and future-proof.

Unified positive experience

Okta trusts BeyondID to provide a consistent, quality customer experience. With a “Love Our Customers” philosophy at the core of Okta’s customer experience, monitoring and enabling partner work quality is as important to Okta as it is challenging. It’s important that partners endorsed by Okta provide an identical experience to the one they’ve been promised by Okta.

When we asked Eduardo Lomazares, VP of Professional Services at Okta, how BeyondID performs as a service provider, he had a very short answer: “Fantastic!”

BeyondID’s diamond-level commitment to providing consistency and quality in our customer experience makes us a partner Okta can trust. As a service provider, we strive to turn our customers into Raving Fans – it’s one of our core values, a goal we work toward every day.

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