Gartner: IAM and Service Partner Growth

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is about visibility and control. In an increasingly digital-first business landscape, it is top of mind for IT teams to ensure that company resources and data are accessed appropriately and securely, at any time, from any place, and by customers, employees, and partners. Companies need to provide excellent digital experiences for customers – to acquire and retain them –  and for employees – to ensure they are productive and secure. Modern Identity and Access Management (IAM) can address these challenges.

But an IAM implementation may only be as good as the strategy and planning that underlies it and the resources dedicated to optimizing and integrating it. Internal teams may lack the bandwidth to effectively complete an IAM implementation in addition to core business tasks, and may also lack the knowledge to complete the project with a high degree of success.  As a result, companies are turning towards service providers that have the expertise to guide them through best practices and best fashion the technology into a solution that fits each unique organization.

Gartner, in a recent article, predicts that service providers will take on an increased role in the delivery of Identity and Access Management going forward. Organizations are faced with the imperative to modernize identity and strengthen their security posture. That’s where service providers come in because they have developed the skill set to help companies to strategize, acquire, deploy and then manage IAM. Providers can help organizations manage risk, deliver greater functionality and security while minimizing impacts to users and the business. Gartner predicts an increase in demand for these services through 2023, and 40% of “IAM application convergence” will be primarily driven by such providers.

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Modern IAM makes it possible for companies to remain competitive, acquire and retain customers, improve remote workforce productivity and strengthen security in an increasingly digital-first world. But adoption is a journey. Many companies have found that trying to do it themselves does not work. Reliance on the knowledge and expertise of service partners translates into better outcomes and fewer business interruptions.

IAM consultants can advise clients of technology that is the best fit for their needs, design the architecture, processes, and enable advanced features in areas of security, integration and business transformation. With more visibility and control, businesses can adapt to the increased importance of digital experiences for customers, employees and partners, and strengthen their security to reduce the chance of breaches and cyberattacks

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