Three ways to provide excellent digital healthcare

Telehealth and telemedicine use has skyrocketed this year because of the pandemic, but this may have accelerated an existing trend. According to a report by McKinsey, telehealth could account for up to $250 Billion in future healthcare spending in the United States. A digital-first generational shift may mean that digital health will be more widely-available going forward.

Cybersecurity Challenges for Healthcare

The core mission of every healthcare service provider is to deliver excellent patient care. Modern technologies empower clinicians to provide secure and seamless digital care from anywhere and at any time. However, because many organizations have technical debt and lack a state-of-the-art technical infrastructure, their patients’ digital experiences can be inadequate or fragmented.   

Cybersecurity is also a great concern. Healthcare has faced increasing cyberattacks during the pandemic, and recently, a data breach was made public that exposed over 300,000 patient records. In an environment with disparate systems, additional risks might exist, simply because of patchwork manual processes across systems.

IAM Solutions

Healthcare companies have the opportunity to partner with the right technology and service providers to accomplish their mission. Delivering superb patient care means offering secure and seamless digital experiences while protecting privacy and confidentiality of their customers.

What steps can healthcare organizations take to meet these technological challenges and support their focus on patient care into the future?

Implement Modern Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Healthcare organizations must know who their customers are and offer them personalized care. This starts with effectively managing the identity of every user and ensuring they have entitled access to the services they need.

IAM also protects sensitive data from breaches by implementing a strong cybersecurity framework. Organizations can defend against cyberattacks by utilizing dynamic & passwordless authentication and authorization, policy enforcement, reporting and seamless account access automation.       

Maximize ROI of your Electronic Health Records (EHR) System

Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems represent a large investment of money and time for healthcare organizations. Integrating EHR with modern identity and access management streamlines workforce lifecycle management. Doctors, nurses, and other professionals get the right access to patient records on time to deliver great care.

Watch: On-demand webinar – Epic Healthcare Workforce Lifecycle

Empower Patients to Access Care

Healthcare providers must use digital platforms to deliver the best possible outcomes for their patients. Patients need a digital front door to access services and information. With single sign-on access, patients can have one-stop access to their health records and health applications, such as telemedicine and pharmacy.

Healthcare Use Cases

Healthcare organizations remain one of the most highly targeted industries for cyberattacks. That’s why BeyondID has partnered with many large healthcare service providers to deliver stellar health IT consulting & cyber security services. We provide architecture, design and implementation services to support the core mission of great healthcare and to address the following organizational needs:

  • Deliver a better patient experience by providing secure and seamless digital entry to healthcare services
  • Improve the provisioning experience for both employee and patient-facing applications
  • Modernize applications with single sign-on for both employees and patients
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