Defining the Digital Front Door (DFD)

The digital front door (DFD) business strategy places patients at the center of their available healthcare touchpoints with a single point of access for a secure, frictionless digital patient experience. For patient users, this means convenient secure access to their digital healthcare apps with a single set of credentials. For provider users, it’s increased connectivity, high visibility, and access to the tools and information that support timely decision-making.  

The DFD strategy represents a critical step forward on the road to value-based care: a preventative approach to healthcare where doctors address patients’ overall health and well-being in order to prevent health problems before they occur. Value-based care is the future of healthcare and desired state for leading providers around the world. 

Who needs a DFD strategy?

A DFD strategy unlocks a delightful user experience. With a DFD, patients’ digital identity is all they need to move seamlessly through their connected, context-aware healthcare journey. This same focus on digital identity protects organizations against security threats. 

Today’s DFD capabilities are highly attractive. They include — but are not limited to — increased patient visibility and access, improved patient journey, seamless navigation, high engagement, patient loyalty, and retention. But healthcare leaders aren’t only interested in today’s benefits; where value-based is shaping up to define tomorrow’s healthcare industry, the DFD represents a necessary stepping-stone implementation for future-oriented healthcare providers. 

What are the benefits?

  • A seamless digital patient experience enabled by customer identity and access management (CIAM) technology. 
  • Improved and accessible applications empower patients to seek out mobile-first experiences. 
  • High accessibility and adoption with user-centric applications characterized by seamless integrations of core systems.  
  • Future-proofed digital infrastructure, designed with consideration for future integrations like value-based care and point of care at patient location. 
  • Identity and access management (IAM) technology secures patients, providers, and organizational data for optimal security and privacy. These solutions are designed to deliver Zero Trust Security to enhance customer experience and cybersecurity.  
  • Providers attract and retain patients with a heightened sense of loyalty due to optimized patient experience.  
  • Optimized provider capabilities powered by user guidance and relevant data at every step. These features help professionals make efficient, informed decisions.

Start building your DFD with BeyondID

The digital front door is the identity solution specifically tailored for healthcare organizations, enabling a seamless patient experience today while laying the groundwork for the advancements of tomorrow. With business outcomes like increased accessibility, low risk of security threat, and improved workforce productivity, it’s no surprise the DFD is a highly attractive identity-based business strategy. 

 So how can organizations take the first step in building a digital front door strategy? Involve an identity expert in the conversation. Identity professionals can help you avoid costly missteps and achieve your desired business outcomes by guiding your organization through a digital transformation from the start.  

BeyondID’s identity management consultants specialize in healthcare-vertical transformations with the expert application of our digital front door solution. Over the years, we’ve helped many healthcare organizations navigate successful digital transformations. Inception Health, VCU Health, Memorial Herman, Gundersen Health Systems, and BetterHealth are just some of the organizations that have trusted BeyondID as their managed identity services provider. Contact BeyondID today to begin your identity journey.    

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