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We believe in your mission to make the world a better place. Such missions deserve the best technology services. We believe that Cloud Service Management can contribute greatly to acquiring and utilizing every resource dedicated to such noble cause efficiently and effectively.

As every business is striving to be more agile and productive by taking advantage of the latest technological innovations, BeyondID believes in Non-profit Organizations having access to such resources at their disposal. To that end, BeyondID is working hard to make our innovative services available to your organization.

BeyondID knows that funding is scarce resource for your organization. Every dollar counts. Hence, we are offering the following resources and innovations to Non-profit Organizations:

Advisory & Consulting Services

It is essential to secure proper guidance from cloud service experts to continue your journey in the cloud.  We are committed to our efforts to ensure that you get on the right track from the very beginning.  We don’t want the scarcity of funding to prohibit you from getting the expert advisory.  The initial advisory and consulting service is designed to support you to have the right strategy and plan to acquire and deploy the best technology service. Should subscription to additional service is desired, we offer our services to support subsequent phases and projects.

Technology Services Financing

Acquiring and deploying the best technology platform can be a big undertaking requiring upfront commitment to large funding.  BeyondID can assist your organization to acquire and deploy these technologies with low upfront capital commitment by offering deferred payment plan and monthly billings for managing cash flow. Financing can apply to software licenses, support, training and professional services fees.  The installment payment plan can apply to technology services contract agreement ranging from 12 to 60 months. 

Implementation Services

We are ready to assist you to implement the best in class technology platforms at a record pace. Not only our Experts are very experienced in deploying cloud services but also take pride in getting you to the finish line of production ready solution in record time. We offer our implementation services either as pre-packaged based on our best practices or customized to deliver time to value. 

Service Management

We recognize that having resources who can administer service to run mission critical operations is scarce. You also need access to Services Experts who can assist you with service enhancements.  We extend our Service Management designed for service administration, service enhancement and service monitoring to you. 

Women in Tech Chapter

The mission of BeyondID’s Women in Technology chapter is to create an inclusive workplace by providing a platform to uplift women – both employees and contractors – and help them build the skills and confidence needed to be successful. By creating an environment where individuality, unique skills and open expression are welcomed, this network has a positive impact on BeyondID culture. Enabling inclusivity and individuality ignites engagement, creativity and innovation in our workforce.

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Women in Technology