Health Data Theft: Cases Under Active Investigation & How Hackers Exploit Third-Party Vendors

Healthcare organizations rely heavily on third-party partnerships to streamline core business functions and deliver on various points in the patient care continuum. Leaning on vendors gives providers the benefit of focusing on what they do best – delivering excellent patient care.  But where each business associate represents a significant point of weakness in an organization’s […]

Platform Consolidation is the Natural Next Step for Identity

The qualms of spending-fatigued cybersecurity customers paint a picture of a market wherein too many individual solutions, vendors, and resources are required to solve a singular problem: securing your digital environment. In 2024, companies investing in their security posture have too many (very expensive) cooks in their kitchens, and they’re sick of it.  Now, industry […]

Going Beyond with Identity at Oktane23 

Oktane brings together some of the greatest minds in cybersecurity and identity. This year, BeyondID was a Platinum-level sponsor of the event.  Oktane23 brought upwards of 4,000 in-person attendees to the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA, while thousands more around the world logged on to participate virtually. Events such as these represent critical opportunities […]

TechTarget: Partners Make Zero-Trust Assessment a Core Security Service

Service providers have made zero-trust assessments a key part of their emerging zero-trust offerings. Those evaluations create a roadmap that guides the clients’ security journey. IT services providers are assembling zero-trust offerings, aiming to guide clients through the arduous task of adopting a security framework that fits their needs. The zero-trust security model, while not a […]

Getting to Know BeyondID’s Women in Technology

In honor of International Women’s Day, we interviewed several members of BeyondID’s own Women in Technology chapter to recognize their contributions, celebrate their achievements, and get to know them better. We also had the opportunity to hear their perspectives on progress in gender equality, the challenges women face in the workplace, and optimism for the […]

Optimize, Grow, Protect: Oktane22 Takeaways

Early in November I had the opportunity to attend Oktane22 and deliver a session with Ajai Sehgal, Chief Data and Analytics Officer at VCU Health. I was excited to represent BeyondID in conversation with one of our most recognizable customers because it allowed BeyondID to contribute to the incredible thought leadership taking place at Okta’s […]

Passwordless Authentication: A Primer

  Passwordless Authentication: Definition Passwordless authentication verifies user identity without using a password. Instead, it requires more secure options like one time password, enrolled devices, or biometric options like retina scan or fingerprint. Passwords are known to be a weak factor. Over time, we started to need more passwords due to the increasing usage of […]

Healthcare and Cybersecurity

Healthcare organizations are tasked with providing great patient care – and user experience – in a world where digital threats are increasing every day. From telehealth applications to electronic health records (EHR) systems to connected medical devices, there is an abundance of technology, applications and data that must be secured. But healthcare remains one of the most targeted industries for cyberattacks. […]