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Inception Health is the innovation arm of Froedtert Health and the Medical College of Wisconsin. Their focus is on changing healthcare by finding innovative solutions for consumer needs. The organization straddles health care, technology, and incubation.  

Inception Health’s initiative to modernize their patient identity was driven by the need for digital transformation, improving the overall patient experience and embracing the increased demand for remote care. Also key to this effort was the need to safeguard both security and patient privacy and do it by design. 

During Covid-19, the increased use of digital health services meant organizations like Inception Health had to move quickly to meet the growing demand for remote patient care. The pandemic created massive increases in telehealth services, and it demonstrated the importance of a cloud-native architecture and the emergence of a new normal for digital health services. This laid the groundwork for Inception Health to increase and improve patient engagement with a variety of new services: a digital front door called the Health Patient Portal with Okta as the IdP; a mobile-first branded experience for its patients; and integrating third-party digital care solutions so that there was no need for re-authorization.  


As with any health care organization that’s taken on the important mission of digitally transforming themselves, Inception Health faced several challenges to deliver their goal of an exceptional patient experience. Those included: 

  • Managing the multiple teams that had been charged to accelerate the delivery of the new patient-facing initiatives
  • Ensuring those teams were aligned to deliver the project on time and within budget
  • Allocating the right resources against each initiative
  • Integrating into the Epic platform and technology stack changes
  • Providing a single point of change approval with parallel delivery streams and multiple go-live dates
  • Doing all the above with no access to patient data due to HIPAA regulations  


BeyondID partnered with Inception Health to architect, design, and deploy a modern digital front door for their health care community.  BeyondID assisted in building an Epic service layer for provisioning and de-provisioning that is deployed in AWS Cloud Infrastructure. Inception Health and BeyondID also layered in new features and capabilities such as self-registration, SSO (Single Sign-On), MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) and Advanced Threat Management to help manage patient credentials.  


Inception Health significantly improved their overall patient experience, provided a better onboarding experience via a new digital front door that provided access to all patient services, including Epic Patient Portal. They also moved all their customer identities to a cloud-native platform, successfully migrated from Auth0 to Okta, migrated Epic users to Okta and integrated all of it with their EHR system. Patients were given universal login, so they’d have access via mobile and web. All these changes resulted in improved security and protecting the digital identity of their patients while giving them an easy, seamless experience from any device. And the project was delivered in record time.  

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