Center of Excellence (CoE) Philosophy Builds Stronger Identity Platforms

Whether it’s a simple goal to move to the cloud, a monthslong, multi-faceted implementation, or something in-between, BeyondID has been working with customers on their identity journeys from day one. What we’ve found is that not all customers know what that journey looks like.  

 Identity transformation is more than a single goal; it’s an ongoing journey that, once begun, must undergo continuous adaptation to combat an ever-advancing landscape of cyber-attacks and bad actors. Prioritizing security is something organizations across all industries must do, and doing it right involves a commitment to the expertise, time, and precision successful identity journeys require.   

But security is not the only factor at play when it comes to identity transformation. More often than not, customer experience is what drives the successful adoption of secure login practices. Secure login shouldn’t be a disjointed series of roadblocks but rather a seamless, enjoyable experience accessible at any time, from anywhere, and on any device. The need for a pleasant, memorable customer experience doesn’t end at log in; take healthcare, for example. 

You create an account, and you’re required to prove your identity. You need a seamless experience to match your physical identity to your digital identity. You fill out all your information as a new patient. As a result, all that information is tied to your single identity across several healthcare systems. You use that identity going forward to access all your healthcare information. Your providers use that identity to view your medical history, fill prescriptions, schedule appointments, and notify you of upcoming checkups.  

This example only begins to scratch the surface. The point is there’s much to consider for these elements to work. Consider HIPAA compliance, data security, data privacy, and the lifecycle of your identity and your data.  

BeyondID started the Center of Excellence (CoE) program to help organizations get their arms around their identity journey. The CoE helps companies across all industries achieve their identity goals while guiding them along every step of the way. BeyondID uses years of collective experience to lay a solid identity foundation, build upon that foundation with new features, and to fortify the walls of your identity platform – all in the most efficient way possible.  

Typical engagements with BeyondID identify one specific goal, and once that objective is completed, we wait for another project to get started. The Center of Excellence program is different. 

BeyondID’s holistic approach requires a broader view of the expanding needs for identity security. It’s a comprehensive approach that prepares and encourages customers to take the reins of their identity journey. Here’s how it works: 

  1. Consult with BeyondID. 

The Center of Excellence program is designed to be flexible to help you decide how you want to approach your CoE journey. 

  1. BeyondID builds a dedicated customer support team 

Under the CoE philosophy, your BeyondID team is fully dedicated to guiding your unique identity journey.  

  1. Your team creates an identity roadmap 

What are your goals? How about your priorities? BeyondID can help you define your desired state and plan actionable steps to achieve it.    

  1. Identify your current state 

BeyondID can help identify where you stand and connect the dots to your desired state.   

  1. The real work begins 

Throughout a CoE engagement, BeyondID leads with education, involving the customer’s internal staff at every step to grow their skillset and knowledge surrounding the solutions they’ve invested in.  

  1. BeyondID performs frequent zero trust assessments (ZTAs) 

ZTAs provide a clear picture of progress on digital identity and cybersecurity maturity curve. Customers credit ZTAs with helping them to see BeyondID as a trusted advisor. With ZTAs, the proof is in the pudding.  

 Customers love the Center of Excellence program because it prepares and encourages them to take control of their identity journey. You might say it’s our way of teaching Raving Fans to fish.  

Harry Lambert
Harry Lambert

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