BeyondID’s Finger On The Pulse At Gartner IAM Summit 2023

Gartner IAM Summit is one of several opportunities BeyondID seizes each year to stay tuned into the market, share thought leadership, and build strong relationships within the identity space.


Trending Topics  

IAM program management maturity. Gartner reminded us all that while the concept of Identity and Access Management has been around for a couple of decades, identity services organizatinos are still in the early stages. What does this mean? Simply put, we are just getting started. Identity professionals are constantly adding more vertical use cases and improving standards for horizontal adoption.   

It wasn’t that long ago that IAM was synonymous with SSO for the workforce. Fast forward to today and you’ll find identity to be at the center of digital strategies in industries such as retail, healthcare, and financial services to name a few.   

Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR). Branded the future of cybersecurity preparedness, ITDR was certainly on the brain at this year’s IAM Summit. This one’s big. ITDR is a process not a tool. Just like when network (NOC) and security operations centers (SOC) became table stakes to any security strategy, identities now need the same oversight and protection. Virtual security operations centers focused on identity management can help companies adress these threats without the need for additional headcount or office space.  

Identity fabric immunity. As explained by Gartner Research Senior Director Analyst Henrique Texeira, “Identity fabric immunity applies the concept of digital immune systems to identity infrastructure to minimize defects and failures.” The conversation surrounding identity fabric immunity was loud at Gartner, with many experts pointing toward Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) as the right strategy to achieve it.  

Passwordless authentication. No longer a buzzword, passwordless is fast becoming a must-have feature of any IAM solution. With an influx of niche passwordless technology vendors added to the big-name platforms into the market, a true passwordless future is closer than ever.  

Streamlining and automation. Streamlining and automation creates more independence for users and addresses many UX pain points directly. Where user experience remains a leading priority in identity transformations, streamlining and automation solutions are always top of mind when identity experts converge.  


Thought Leadership  

VP of Solutions Neeraj Methi kicked off BeyondID’s week at Gartner IAM Summit 2023 by co-hosting a thought leadership session with Kristin Coop, Director of IAM at Sabre. Their session, entitled “Sabre’s Journey to Digital Identity Modernization”, attracted over 100 attendees and generated substantial interest in the Fortune 500 company’s identity journey with BeyondID.  

Following the joint session, we asked Methi to share his top three takeaways for attendees. This is what he said: 

  1. Identity Modernization addresses customer and user experience directly.
  2. Identity Modernization is possible by retrofitting Mainframe systems for delegated authentication.
  3. Stakeholder support is key to a successful transformation.


Stand Out Sessions    

The BeyondID team at Gartner IAM Summit 2023 had the opportunity to attend compelling thought leadership sessions from other key voices in the identity space. For many attendees, the ideas discussed in these stand-out sessions reappeared as frequent themes of conversation throughout the week.  

Ask the Expert: CIEM, ITDR, and Identity Fabric Immunity

Henrique Texeira, Research Senior Director Analyst, Chair of the Gartner IAM Summit, Gartner 

Texeira’s session on applying CIEM and ITDR to enhance security posture management contributed heavily to the buzz surrounding CIEM, ITDR, and identity fabric immunity throughout the week. In his presentation, Texeira explained, “Over 80% of organizations have suffered an identity-related breach in the last 12 months and fragility is in large part related to incomplete, misconfigured, or vulnerable elements in the identity fabric,” concluding, “To enhance cyberattack preparedness, security and risk management leaders must add identity threat detection and response capabilities to their security infrastructure.” 

The State of IAM Program Management, 2023 

Rebecca Archambault, Senior Director Analyst, Gartner 

 Rebecca Archambault revealed, “Enterprises have an average IAM maturity score of 2.4 out of 5.” According to Archambault, this includes, “…organizations who have well-defined IAM strategies.” Her session argued that many organizations are still at the early stages of defining their IAM strategy. She suggested that by 2026, 70% of identity-first security strategies will fail unless organizations adopt context-based access policies that are continuous and consistent.  

The recurrence of these key themes throughout Gartner IAM Summit 2023 demonstrates the influence major identity conferences have on the market as a whole. While at the event, our team also met with Gartner analysts, Okta, and multiple customers and prospects. The insights we gain from opportunities like this are invaluable to understanding the direction of the market.   

BeyondID was honored to participate in the premier IAM event of the year and look forward to Gartner’s next Summit in 2024!  

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