BeyondID named among top exhibitors at Oktane22

Looking back at the identity event of the year

BeyondID team members from across the globe gathered earlier this month in San Francisco to attend Oktane22. Now coming off the heels of that exciting week, we’re delighted to announce that CRN – another Oktane22 attendee and our trusted source of industry news – named BeyondID among the event’s top exhibitors in a recent article. Their report is a testament to BeyondID’s electric presence at Oktane22.

Among this year’s many highlights, BeyondID had the opportunity to engage in compelling conversations with current and future customers at our bustling exhibition booth, led a thought-provoking session with our customer VCU Health, debuted our Okta Global Apex Partnership, and received recognition as Okta’s America Service Delivery Partner of the Year.

Our Finger on the Pulse

Attending the identity event of the year presents a rare opportunity to meet a large number of new and existing customers face-to-face and have the kind of important conversations that move the market. This is when BeyondID team members like Harry Lambert, Lead Solutions Architect, Vic Tapia, Director of Solutions, and Neeraj Methi, VP of Solutions take the market’s pulse, understand trends, and get to the bottom line.

“The activity at our booth has been electric this year,” described Lambert. He added that chatter around the future capabilities of CIAM and Workforce was the loudest. Methi agreed, adding that companies are particularly concerned with the speed and agility of de-provisioning capabilities and are looking to prioritize workforce solutions that tighten their security posture internally.

Methi also identified heavy interest in leveraging professional services to maximize an investment in Okta and investing in customer experience solutions as a means to protect and grow revenue with Okta Platform.

Speaking to the importance of these discussions, Tapia left us with this: “Identity is at the core of everything, which is why companies need help from an identity and professional services standpoint. It’s vital that identity management professionals are on the ground floor and in the boardroom for those conversations.”

BeyondID takes the stage with VCU Health

This year at Oktane22, Neeraj Methi, VP Solutions at BeyondID, and Ajai Sehgal, Chief Data & Analytics Officer at VCU Health, took the stage to deliver their session titled: “VCU Health Enhances the Patient Experience Through Digital Front Door and Identity Modernization”. This was the short of it:

1. A company’s ability to deliver a frictionless patient experience is entirely dependent on the strength and agility of their identity platform.
2. Okta is the modern identity platform capable of supporting an easy, secure, and connected patient journey. These benefits include providing solid corporate security and efficiency.
3. Companies should bring in a trusted, experienced partner to help implement the solution. “Do not try it alone,” warned Methi, “…it is complex and will cost you more time and money; it will be an expensive lesson.”

Reflecting on the session, Methi concluded: “The VCU Health session with Ajai Sehgal was amazing and full of valuable lessons.”

Five years of partnership with Okta

During the week of Oktane22, BeyondID celebrated five years of partnership with Okta! In 2017, BeyondID became Okta’s first service partner, and just five years later at Oktane22, we made our debut as one of Okta’s first Global Apex Partners. If that wasn’t exciting enough, BeyondID was awarded America Service Delivery Partner of the Year. Needless to say, Oktane22 was an incredible success for BeyondID. Contact us for more information about our Okta professional services.

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