BeyondID Immerses in HIMSS Global Health Conference 

Owning more than 30 percent of data worldwide, healthcare is a key industry for BeyondID and a major target for cybercrime. As health tech continues to rapidly evolve, understanding how identity is impacted is critical for BeyondID to deliver secure total experiences to healthcare customers everywhere. 

HIMSS 2024

Earlier this month, health and technology professionals from around the world came together to attend the HIMSS 2024 Global Health Conference and Exhibition in Orlando. Their aim: harness a new era of information and technology to discover bold new approaches to healthcare innovation.  

With 8.8M health records compromised in January of 2024 alone, protecting patient data amidst new innovations was top of mind for exhibitors and attendees in the “Cybersecurity Command Center”. (HIPAA Journal) 

BeyondID was well-represented at the HIMSS24 Cybersecurity Command Center. Our team of certified identity professionals worked alongside Okta to ensure our joint participation in the event was a success. 


Uncovering Pain Points. Some of the most valuable highlights of our participation in HIMSS24 were the dozens of detailed conversations we had with patient providers from around the country. Speaking with our customers face to face allows us the opportunity to uncover the current challenges they’re facing. At their core, many of the conversations we had surrounded issues like identity management, digital transformation, application modernization, integration, and delivering a secure total patient experience.  

Engaging Our Partners. We met with new and existing healthcare partners to discuss different ways we can work together to continue delivering the high caliber of security and experience outcomes patient provider organizations have come to expect.  

Thought Leadership. In his keynote session titled “Personalizing the Patient Experience: Harnessing the Power of AI to Drive Real Transformational Change”, Hackensack Meridian Health CEO Robert Garrett discussed AI as a gateway to widespread, value-based care; the key to improved health outcomes for billions of patients globally. 

“AI and industry partnerships have the potential to improve health for billions and I mean billions of people. We cannot reach our highest aspiration to redefine health care, we without a revolutionary approach…” 

Even with all of these technological advancements, humans need to remain at the center, which is why patient privacy and reducing the potential for bias are crucial. “Humans are the heart of healthcare. Technology cannot replace the human touch,” Garrett said.   

BeyondID VP of Solutions Vic Tapia presented his session, “Cybersecurity in Healthcare is a Matter of Life and Death”, to a captivated audience at the Cybersecurity Command Center. The session explored some of the many reasons healthcare is susceptible to cybersecurity breaches and proposed third-party risk management and internal leadership alignment as two steps patient providers can take to enhance their security posture.  

In a Nutshell

HIMSS 2024 was an engaging and informative week for everyone who attended. The insights our team came away with suggest that patient provider organizations are looking for new ways to improve the decisionmaking process of healthcare professionals while protecting patient data and enhancing the overall patient experience  

Erin Moore
Erin Moore

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