BeyondID For Good supports Manavsewa Ashram Homeless Outreach in Nepal

Manavsewa Ashram

Manavsewa Ashram is a non-profit homeless outreach organization dedicated to making Nepal a “street-people-free country” by providing life-saving resources to Nepal’s most vulnerable. In support of their mission, “ food, shelter, clothes, health, and education for all”, the ashram provides Nepal’s homeless population with prompt medical intervention, screening and care, food, water, clothing and supplies, housing, long-term care, and family reunification services when possible.

Today, Manavsewa Ashram operates 23 service centers in 19 districts across Nepal’s seven provinces. Since its establishment in 2012, the organization has rescued over 8,000 people.

A majority of the people Manavsewa Ashram services are disabled, physically weak, or mentally/psycholigically challenged, and suffer from homelessness; more often than not, they are survivors of abuse.


Community Outreach

BeyondID Nepal recently went along with volunteers at Manavsewa Ashram to conduct a field visit in their community. This is what they reported back:

“We learned valuable lessons about the importance of community engagement and the significance of initiatives to serve local needs. It is necessary to strive towards the establishment of a benevolent society free of homeless individuals, and to make a dedicated effort for its effective implementation towards building a progressive Nepal.”

BeyondID For Good

BeyondID For Good organized a donation of 99000 NPR ($750) to support Manavsewa Ashram’s initiatives. These are some of the goals the organization is currently working towards:

  • Significantly reduce the state of homelessness in Nepal by 2025 (in collaboration with Nepal government).
  • Foster humanity, altruism, and social values among Nepali citizens locally and around the world.
  • Establish new programs to promote human development, positive thinking, and the establishment of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Open a humanitarian study center.
Our partnership with Manavsewa Ashram is a proud manifestation of our mission to make a positive impact on the communities surrounding the offices where BeyondID Rocketeers live and work. We are proud to align ourselves with such a wonderful organization and look forward to exploring further opportunities to practice social responsibility within our communities around the world.

Click here to learn more about BeyondID For Good.

Erin Moore
Erin Moore

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