BeyondID For Good Mexico Visits Casa de Descanso Jose Vicente Women’s Asylum

Casa de Descanso Jose Vicente

Casa de Descanso Jose Vicente is a non-profit women’s retirement and assisted living facility serving a community of elderly women in Zapopan, Mexico. The organization operates under a mission to promote the wellbeing and inclusion of elderly women and believes in the right of all elderly people to lead dignified, healthy, and secure lives.

BeyondID Mexico Organizers

From our team in Mexico, who organized and led BeyondID’s engagement with  Casa de Descanso Jose Vicente:

“We want to support Casa de Descanso Jose Vicente because we believe that women face unique challenges later in life and this organization is working to enhance the quality of life for older women. We have seen their care include providing personalized care, social activities, and ensuring a comfortable living environment – all things we think are incredibly important for enrichment. It was great for us to do this volunteering. We distributed muffins and enjoyed playing Loteria with the women. We all feel happy to be able to make a positive impact on the lives of the older women we met and spent time with.”


BeyondID For Good

Our Mexico Team organized a donation of food and cleaning supplies to bring with them on a day of volunteering at Casa de Descanso Jose Vicente. BeyondID donated 750USD to support this initiative.

Our partnership with Casa de Descanso Jose Vicente is a proud manifestation of our mission to make a positive impact on the communities surrounding the offices where BeyondID Rocketeers live and work. We are proud to align ourselves with such a wonderful organization and look forward to exploring further opportunities to practice social responsibility within our communities around the world.

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Erin Moore
Erin Moore

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