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In recent years, organizations have become extensively competitive due to the drastic changes in the business landscape. But how do companies grow and scale in such a competitive environment? An appropriate answer to this question would be adopting the right technologies to drive their business ahead. Simultaneously, enterprises also need to ensure that these technologies provide a secure and reliable environment to carry out business with their customers and partners while also making the employees productive. This is where BeyondID enters the security services market with effective and end-to-end cybersecurity for businesses.

California-based BeyondID with offices throughout the USA specializes in developing secure, reliable, and cost-effective cloud and cybersecurity solutions. The company provides a complete package of security services tailored to an organization’s needs. These services are offered based on the Zero Trust security model, ensuring that every request for service access is verified and encrypted end-to-end before being accepted.

“Our team understands that these requests, either from internal or external users, can prove to be harmful to companies, and we strive to eliminate that risk with Zero Trust security model. We are also helping firms become more active in defending their digital assets from all cyberattacks with this new outlook toward cybersecurity,” says Arun Shrestha, co-founder, and CEO of BeyondID.

The company has segregated its security services in three segments—consulting, implementation, and managed services—to facilitate a step-by-step execution. The BeyondID team begins the implementation of its services by first analyzing the clients’ business strategies and key objectives related to security, customer experience, and employee productivity. After gathering all the necessary information about the client’s business vision, the BeyondID team offers expert advice on which security services are to be implemented and how. Thereafter, the company designs the final security infrastructure that includes identity and access management along with multifactor authentication, device and network security, workforce and customer lifecycle management, user behavior and analytics and online fraud detection and protection.

“Our team adds these security features into the clients’ security architecture based on their requirements,” says Shrestha. In the last stage, BeyondID offers on-demand managed services, eliminating the need for the clients to hire and train employees to support the newly implemented security infrastructure.

In the past two years, BeyondiD has collaborated with several clients and implemented numerous security projects, assuring significant benefits to each of them. One such example was with aerial imagery, data analytics, and geographic information system solution provider—EagleView Technologies—that worked with multiple insurance companies to provide comprehensive property data and high-resolution aerial imagery that expedite insurance claims following a catastrophic event. EagleView sought to improve overall customer experience to expand the business as well as to enhance workforce security. BeyondID helped the client by advising and deploying a security framework that enabled EagleView’s clients to securely access all the services offered online to expedite processing of insurance claims. BeyondID also helped the client to deploy modern Identity Cloud for its workforce to provide secure and seamless access to enterprise applications.

“We guide our clients to adopt security services and shield their data against any kind of breach while scaling the business. Our team strives to go beyond the central idea of being just a customer-centric company to ensure that every client has a long-term success,” says Shrestha.

BeyondID helps enterprise customers acquire, deploy and manage cloud and security services. BeyondID focuses on cloud security and modern identity and access management based on Zero Trust security model, cloud transformation, compliance controls, customer experience including online fraud detection and protection solutions. To that end, BeyondID has formed the partnership with many best-in-class technologies such as Okta, SailPoint, BetterCloud, Shape Security and Workplace by Facebook. BeyondID is also expanding its partnering with Adobe, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Palo Alto Networks, Salesforce, VMware and Zscaler to offer more comprehensive cloud, identity and security solutions.

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