BeyondID Enables Compliant and Secure Healthcare with Epic and Okta

BeyondID, a San Francisco-based company which helps business to acquire, deploy and manage cloud and cybersecurity services, is proud to announce that the BeyondID – Okta SCIM Connector is now available through Epic Systems App Orchard. This tailored solution makes it possible to manage Epic healthcare workforces by leveraging the security and lifecycle management tools of Okta. “BeyondID created this solution for healthcare organizations that use Epic, in order to support great patient care. Doctors and nurses need immediate access to patient records, wherever they are, but that sensitive data must always be secured. By leveraging Okta’s security, lifecycle management, and automation tools for Epic workforces, we can help healthcare IT support the mission of outstanding care.” said BeyondID Chief Technology Officer Sasi Kelam.

Healthcare organizations need to enable secure, anytime/anywhere access to electronic health records so that clinicians can provide the best patient care possible. At the same time, sensitive patient information must be kept safe in order to comply with privacy regulations like HIPAA. Manually creating, updating, and deleting a dynamic workforce in Epic can be time-intensive and error-prone. As a result, IT staff need new tools to automate user lifecycle management and be able to enforce strong authentication to safeguard the sensitive data in Epic, securely and efficiently. Okta and BeyondID work together to safely automate provisioning into Epic, protect workforce identity, and simplify user management. To learn more about how BeyondID’s solution can enable seamless management of your Epic healthcare workforce through Okta, contact [email protected]

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