Your guide to FGA: What is it, how it can be used, and how to get started

This is part one of a three-part series. Part 1: What is FGA and why is it essential for today’s business? Fine Grained Authorization, commonly referred to as FGA, is a security approach that provides highly granular control over the access to resources within organizations. It also allows organizations to maintain better control over their […]

Optimize, Grow, Protect: Oktane22 Takeaways

Early in November I had the opportunity to attend Oktane22 and deliver a session with Ajai Sehgal, Chief Data and Analytics Officer at VCU Health. I was excited to represent BeyondID in conversation with one of our most recognizable customers because it allowed BeyondID to contribute to the incredible thought leadership taking place at Okta’s […]

IAM Latest Trends

Taking the Market’s Temperature on the Future of IAM: What’s on the Customer’s Mind? BeyondID receives a lot of information from our customers and others in the industry on the direction of Identity Access Management (IAM). Here are some of those recurring themes and trends from our on-going conversations with customers, prospects, partners and analysts […]