A Secure Total Student Experience: Reframing Students as Modern Consumers of Higher Education  

Today’s students represent the most connected, digital-savvy demographic in the world, everywhere but campus.  The administrative culture of higher education is known for its rigid procedural adherence. To excel in their academic pursuits, students must navigate disjointed, often unforgiving administrative processes from application to graduation. Now, isolated attempts at digitization are complicating these processes further. […]

Everyone Hates Passwords, These People Hate Them More

Yesterday was World Password Day and someone’s got to say it – passwords are the worst. Unless you literally created a brand-new, unique password within the last few minutes – one that you’ve never used before – odds are, your password has been breached.   We’re all sick of coming up with and remembering strong passwords, […]

Health Data Theft: Cases Under Active Investigation & How Hackers Exploit Third-Party Vendors

Healthcare organizations rely heavily on third-party partnerships to streamline core business functions and deliver on various points in the patient care continuum. Leaning on vendors gives providers the benefit of focusing on what they do best – delivering excellent patient care.  But where each business associate represents a significant point of weakness in an organization’s […]

Meet BeyondID’s Women In Technology

BeyondID has historically honored Women’s History Month by shedding light on the careers and achievements of some of the most remarkable thought leaders of technology’s past. Now, we’re stepping forward to recognize some of our very own amazing women whose present-day careers are helping write the next chapter in the history of technology.   Kathy Tullio Delivery Architect, […]

BeyondID Immerses in HIMSS Global Health Conference 

Owning more than 30 percent of data worldwide, healthcare is a key industry for BeyondID and a major target for cybercrime. As health tech continues to rapidly evolve, understanding how identity is impacted is critical for BeyondID to deliver secure total experiences to healthcare customers everywhere.  HIMSS 2024 Earlier this month, health and technology professionals […]

Platform Consolidation is the Natural Next Step for Identity

The qualms of spending-fatigued cybersecurity customers paint a picture of a market wherein too many individual solutions, vendors, and resources are required to solve a singular problem: securing your digital environment. In 2024, companies investing in their security posture have too many (very expensive) cooks in their kitchens, and they’re sick of it.  Now, industry […]

Rocketeers Recognized: James Hong, Enterprise Account Executive

In our latest edition of Rocketeers Recognized, James shares his life and career stories, that are both relatable and inspiring. He talks about his dual citizenship and unique previous jobs like being a Sushi Chef and Sailing Instructor, showing his diverse interests. Despite being an introvert, James enjoys social interactions, adding depth to his personality. […]

Rocketeers Recognized: Ravi Verma, Software Developer

Dive into the dynamic world of Ravi, one of our talented Software Developers and a valued member of the BeyondID family in Nepal! Learn more about where tech expertise meets a vibrant tapestry of adventurous passions. With friends describing him as “Helpful, Responsible, and Devoted,” Ravi takes us on a journey beyond the code, revealing a penchant […]

BeyondID For Good Supports Local Bengaluru Organization – Needuva Hrudhaya “Heart of Giving” Foundation

Needuva Hrudhaya “Heart of Giving” Foundation Needuva Hrudhaya “Heart of Giving” Foundation is a non-profit youth support organization committed to making a positive impact on the welfare of Bengaluru’s rural student population. The organization spearheads philanthropic initiatives that focus primarily on hygiene, education, and development.   BeyondID India Our team in India identified Needuva Hrudhaya Foundation as […]